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Civilian spaceships


Spaceship hedron decal.jpg
The Hedron is a small and nimble civilian craft. It comes with automatic landing helpers which makes the ship suitable for use by inexperienced pilots or simply for those who prefer to own one for luxury purposes.
A Hedron has a low flight time, so storing some spare fuel in the ship is generally considered good practice with the craft.
Given its limitations, these ships are not suitable for warfare or battles. Its primary design is to serve as ships for the civilian populace and for news reporters eager to grab a story.


Spaceship Ithaca.jpg
The Ithaca is a large cargo ship capable of housing multiple Endo crew.
Although an unarmed ship, an Ithaca can withstand damage well, making it a durable ship for transporting valuable cargo in.
This version of the Ithaca has gone through several iterations since it was first built, with its hull having been overhauled four times.


Starbase kodiak.png
The Kodiak is an unarmed civilian spaceship that was built with Endoskeleton enjoyment in mind. Two of its seats are faced towards open windows, a luxury compared to those found on other ships.
The Kodiak can be modified and customized with extra features, just like most ships that are currently purchasable in the universe.


Starbase mason.png
The Mason is a construction ship designed to haul heavy loads of different materials.
This ship is commonly used when an Endoskeleton cannot carry cargo by themselves. Instead, it relies on its cargo space carry cargo with ease.


Starbase nautilus.png
The Nautilus is a traditional cargo ship originally build as a combat ship. It was later re-modeled into its current role as a hauler.
The Nautilus, like all other cargo ships, are equipped with cargo beams, enabling it to transport heavy objects.


Starbase ocelot.png
The Ocelot is one of the first personnel transportation ships ever created in the galaxy.
Although having a long history, it is reliable in terms of flight time.


Starbase peon.png
The Peon is a small ship used in multiple lines of work.
Peons are equipped with tractor beams, which can be used to transport asteroids and salvage.


Starbase pincer.png
The Pincer is an asteroid collector ship equipped with cargo lock beams and a tractor beam.
Using advanced YOLOL technologies, Pincers can enter power saving mode automatically, allowing for a pilot to focus on other more important tasks.


Starbase pioneer.png
The Pioneer is an unarmed, versatile spaceship with self piloting YOLOL configurations.
Pioneers are equipped with radio transmitters and a large set of programmed chips, making them appropriate ships for patrol duties.
Navigational technology were first tested on Pioneers.


Spaceship remus.jpg

The Remus is a cargo ship designed specifically for transportation and hauling of large objects such as station parts or asteroids.
The ship utilises cargo beams to transport cargo assigned to their pilots.
It is the brother ship of the cargo ship Romulus.


Starbase romulus.png
The Romulus is a cargo ship made specifically for transportation and hauling of large objects, such as station parts or asteroids.
Unlike its brother ship, Remus, the Romulus is loaded from the top side of the ship, allowing for easier loading and unloading of cargo.
It is equipped with cargo beams for transporting large objects and are also generally considered to be easier to pilot than the Remus.


Starbase serf.png
The Serf is a basic, minimalistic shuttle.
It's emphasis for role over looks makes it suitable for travelling short distances.

Twin Vasama

Spaceship Twin vasama.jpg

The Twin Vasama is a small ship that is powered by a Battery. Unlike its original counterpart, it is equipped with two seats and can fit two robots in it.
Compared to its original, the Twin Vasama has a hover mode and generally better mobility.


Spaceship urchin decal.jpg
The Urchin is a hybrid between cargo and mining ships.
It is equipped with powerful mining lasers, enabling it to mine minerals effciently.
The Urchin also has a cargo lock frame that can be used to transport cargo.


Starbase vasama1.png
The Vasama is a very small spaceship that is powered only by batteries.

Vasamas are generally used to get around the massive Capital Mega Station as an alternative to walking.

Vasama Vanette

Starbase vasama vanette.png
The Vasama Vanette is a small delivery and cargo ship equipped with a cargo hold.
It contains both a Flight control unit and a Main flight computer, unlike its original counterpart Vasama and its brother ship Twin Vasama.


Starbase vector.png
The Vector is an economic spaceship optimized for long flight times.
It's emphasis on flight range and lower cost makes it a good choice for many aspiring Endoskeletons.


Starbase wing.png
Wing is a former military ship that was modified to be a licensed civilian ship.
It can, however, be rearmed with weaponry to fight other ships.


Starbase zilant.png
The Zilant is a small and fast ship built for racing.

Empire spaceships


Spaceship Empire Lictor.JPG
Empire Lictors are heavyweight gunships, designed for upkeeping order.
Due to their slow speed, Lictors are usually paired with fighter escorts, consisting usually of Spathas.


Empire spatha.jpg
Spathas are nimble and effective fighters used by the Empire's forces.
Spathas are often used to escort larger gunships and frigates such as the Lictors and Centurio.


The Veles is conceptualised as a Torpedo Corvette that can fill the roles of an anti-gunship and anti-frigate ship.

Kingdom spaceships


Kingdom knight.jpg
Knights are armed fighters, used by the Kingdom troops to support heavier gunships, such as the Lancer.
The Kingdom Knights can be equipped with different load-outs due to their modular building design, allowing for a variety of customization.


Kingdom lancer.jpg
Lancers are Kingdom gunships, armed with heavy plasma cannons that can easily shred through big space ships and stations alike.