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Spaceship Empire Lictor.JPG
Side view of the Empire Lictor
Class and type: Combat ship, Gunship
Name: Lictor
General use: Combat missions
General characteristics
Crew: 1 pilot, 5 gunner
Armament: 28 Autocannons
Thrust power: 550,000
Electricity output: 8,000
Flight time: 415.1 minutes
Thrusters: 2 box, 18 triangle, 36 maneuver
Generator units: 8
Fuel chambers: 2
Propellant containers: 4 medium, 2 small
Material Cost: 4-5 Million
Prebuilt Cost: 8,000,000

Ship description

Empire Lictors are heavyweight gunships, designed for upkeeping order.
Due to their slow speed, Lictors are usually paired with fighter escorts, consisting usually of Spathas.

Ship location

The ship can only be purchased at an Empire station. There are no current plans to sell the Lictor to anyone not from the Imperial Military.

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