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Stations are stationary structures created and maintained by Endoskeletons. Depending on what is needed from them, they can vary widely in shapes and sizes.
Player stations can be built by placing a Safezone Station Foundation or an Unsafezone Station Foundation.
Station power can be produced by solar panels.

Station Building Guide

Check out the Station Building Guide.

Station types

Origin Stations

30 Origin Stations exist as the first construction site of every new endoskeleton.
Origin Stations are massive superstructures, several kilometres across.
Every origin station has identical facilities including; the tutorial areas, jobs, trading facilities, ship shops and spaceship designers. It is not recommended to go to origins 1-3 as they are massive lag hotspots due to the amount of ships in the area.

Transmitter Stations

4 Transmitter Stations exist located around the ring of Origin Stations, one for each cardinal direction.
These stations each contain a radio transmitter, which broadcasts a signal detectable with a navigation receiver.

Player Stations

Player stations can be built by placing a Station Foundation (Inside Safezone) or a Station Foundation (Outside Safezone). These must be within or outside of Origin's Safezone respectively. Player stations provide the user with a 300 meter radius Safezone which can be entered freely by the creator and anybody who is permitted.

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