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Building tools

Starbase tools bolt 18.10.2019.png
Bolt tool

FunctionCoupling materials and devices
Market price5,709.66 SB credit icon.png


Magazine capacity500
Reload time2.5 seconds
Projectile mass
  • 0.25 kg (12cm)
  • 0.5 kg (24cm)
  • 0.75 kg (36cm)

Starbase tools cable 6.8.2019.png
Cable tool

FunctionForming data networks
Market price720.28 SB credit icon.png
Pipe tool.png
Pipe tool

FunctionForming pipe networks
Market price3,067.68 SB credit icon.png
Durability tool black.png
Durability tool

FunctionMonitoring spaceship condition
Market price1,546.16 SB credit icon.png
Starbase tools welding.png
Welding tool

FunctionWelding spaceship beams and station parts
Market price1,374.12 SB credit icon.png

Mining tools


FunctionMining minerals
Market price4,462.92 SB credit icon.png

Salvage tools

Starbase saw tool.png

FunctionDeconstruction and salvaging

Market price55,800.93 SB credit icon.png

Bastium 6793.5
Charodium 3019.5

Kutonium 3020.0

Vokarium 2264.5

Cutting tool.png
Cutting tool

FunctionDeconstruction and salvaging
Market price15,727 SB credit icon.png
Remote explosive.png
Remote explosive

FunctionDeconstruction and salvaging
Market price2,623.50 SB credit icon.png

Editor tools

Station creator

Station creator is an editor tool, that can be used to construct large housings, landing pads, stores, or stations easily.
The station creator can be accessed from Capital Mega Stations, that have open rental lots.
The rental lots can be accessed through a terminal, from where the leasing contract can also be acquired from.
An owned rental lot can then be edited by using the station creator.

Spaceship Designer Guide

The spaceship designer is an editor used to build spaceships, and offers a host of tools and functions to assist would-be designers.

Other tools

Universal tool

The universal tool is a foldable forearm-mounted screen used to interact with both mechanical devices and some tools.

Feedback tool

The Feedback tool is the in-game tool for reporting bugs, problematic player behavior, or giving any sort of feedback to the developers.

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