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Charodium ore.pngCharodium refined.png
Charodium's inventory icons, in ore and processed form
Classification Industrial metals
Rarity Uncommon
Usage Heat-shielding, armor plating
Market priceN/A
Material properties
Structural durability 30
Armor rating 3.7 / kv
Minimum armor rating 0.35 / kv
Penetration multiplier 67%
Corrosion resistance 300
Plasticity 70
Density 11.25 kg/kv

Charodium is a relatively uncommon material that is most often used in devices that are subject to significant heating, eg: thrusters. It is often used as a lighter-weight alternative in ballistic protection when the extra mass cannot be spared for Oninum, though its protective performance does suffer against armor-piercing ammunition. Charodium appears as a deep red when mined as an ore.

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