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Endoskeleton CV

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Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The Curriculum Vitae is a way to present oneself to other endoskeletons inhabiting the universe.
The CV automatically keeps track of individuals' achievements, personal information, possessions and for example job history.
However, only the front page of the CV can be inspected by other endoskeletons while the rest of the information is kept private.

The Curriculum Vitae is accessed through the universal tool.

CV FrontPage

The best way to acquire information about someone and to get to know them is to take a look at their CV front page.

The front page can be modified in a number of ways and the information shared with others is a decision every endoskeleton makes for themselves:

  • Self-written biography: Express yourself by using 320 characters.
  • Most notable achievements: Select your favourite achievements and display them to others.
  • Rank: Decide whether or not you want to showcase your rank and faction.
  • Profile picture: Customize your profile picture, or turn it off completely.

Your CV defines you. It affects how you are perceived by others.
It is advisable to create it with great care and keep it updated.


Possessions are listed and filtered into different category types to make indexing easier.
This way it is easy to browse through all your possessions from any location in the universe.


Numerical data of your tracked statistics are shown in statistics section.

  • You can choose which numerical stats are shown on the front page of your CV.
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