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Insurance is used throughout the galaxy as a means of protecting financial loss in the case of stolen, lost or destroyed property or decommissioned endoskeletons.
Most commonly insured objects are ships, stations and endoskeletons.
Insurance terminals can also be used as a means of transportation, as it is possible to activate another endoskeleton at a different location.

Endoskeleton insurance

In general endoskeletons are durable constructs that can withstand most of the hazards of life in space.
However, in the case of destruction or damage caused to an endoskeleton, the universal insurance system can be relied on.
Depending on the amount of damage inflicted on the robotic endoskeleton, it might be required to activate another endoskeleton from the insurance point list.
Using insurance has fees tied to it, but it is often cheaper to replace an insured object than to buy a new one.
Generally insurance doesn't have to be bought. Property is almost always automatically insured.

Spaceship insurance

Note: The following has not yet been implemented.

Spaceships have automatic mandatory insurance.

The insurance cost of spaceships is determined from several different factors:

  • The distance of the damaged ship to the insurance station
  • The level of the ship's damage
  • How dangerous area the ship was left in
  • Some stations might have a fixed fee for spaceship insurance

Station insurance

The insurance cost of a station at Mega Station can often be calculated in advance already during the building process of a station.


The universal insurance system enables the activation of a new endoskeleton in the case of decommission.
The system saves each endoskeleton's insurance points and any of the saved locations can be used to activate a new endoskeleton.
To prevent final decommission of endoskeletons, at least one insurance point always exists in the system.
Activating a new endoskeleton generally requires a small fee.
In the case that the decommissioned endoskeleton does not have sufficient funds for the activation process, the endoskeleton will however be activated and the fee will be paid subsequently.

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