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When building spaceships or stations, the pages collected here are a good place to start.

Building guides

Editor tools

Spaceship Engineering

On this page you can find detailed instructions for creating and modifying spaceships.

Ships can generally be constructed by manually bolting objects and components together, or by manufacturing directly from a predefined blueprint.
Spaceships can also be bought from for example Origin Stations or directly from other robots.

Manual tools

Starbase tools bolt 18.10.2019.png
Bolt tool

FunctionCoupling materials and devices
Market price5,709.66 SB credit icon.png


Magazine capacity500
Reload time2.5 seconds
Projectile mass
  • 0.25 kg (12cm)
  • 0.5 kg (24cm)
  • 0.75 kg (36cm)

Starbase tools cable 6.8.2019.png
Cable tool

FunctionForming data networks
Market price720.28 SB credit icon.png
Pipe tool.png
Pipe tool

FunctionForming pipe networks
Market price3,067.68 SB credit icon.png
Durability tool black.png
Durability tool

FunctionMonitoring spaceship condition
Market price1,546.16 SB credit icon.png
Starbase tools welding.png
Welding tool

FunctionWelding spaceship beams and station parts
Market price1,374.12 SB credit icon.png
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