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Pipe tool

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Pipe tool.png
Pipe tool

FunctionForming pipe networks
Market price3,067.68 SB credit icon.png


Magazine capacity200
Reload time2.8 seconds

Pipe tools are used to place or remove resource pipes that can transport things such as propellant.


Placing pipes:

  1. Aim at the spot you want the piping to start from with the pipe tool and press the trigger.
  2. Track the length of the pipe to the spot you want the pipe to end with the pipe tool and press the trigger.

Removing pipes:

  1. Aim at a pipe with the pipe tool and press the trigger to remove it.
  2. Aim at a pipe conjunction point with the tool to remove that particular pipe point and all the pipes attached to that point.


  • There's a maximum length of how long the piping can be per trigger press, indicated by the line going red when out of range from the first point.
  • Piping cannot be placed in the air.
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