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Resource networks

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A resource network works similarly to a data network where devices are connected to each by sockets and pipes.
While a data network shares device information and power, the resource network provides materials, power, and other resources to the connected devices.


The resource network manages resource consumption, production, and storage.
It treats all connected components as a single holistic system.
Devices inform the network of their resource capabilities.

  • Devices can provide resource storage and/or resource conversion.
    • Example: A generator stores 10000 units of fuel; converts one unit of fuel to one unit of steam; converts one unit of steam to 1000 units of heat; converts 1000 units of heat to one unit of power.
  • Individual devices can draw from the network directly, in order to extract resources from the network, do more complex crafting operations, or to fire weapons.

Example case: Generator

  1. The cells can inform the network that they have storage for a resource (fuel and coolant in the case of the generator).
  2. The generator can inform the network that it is able to convert these resources to other resources at a certain ratio.
  3. The network determines the resources and storage available. The network can determine how much of all the resources can be produced, and advance all of the production.
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