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Bastium ore.pngBastium refined.png
Bastium's inventory icons, in ore and processed form
Classification Industrial metals
Rarity Common
Usage Structural frames, foundations
Market priceN/A
Material properties (ore ━━ refined)
Structural durability4080
Armor rating0.00.75.. per kv
Minimum armor0.00.1.. per kv
Penetration multiplierN/A177%
Corrosion resistance200300
Density8.089.95.. kg/kv

Bastium is a relatively common material that sees significant usage in most aspects of life in space, and its ore is most commonly found in low gravity planetoids and asteroids. It has the second highest structural durability of all materials, and is most often seen used in the frame beams that make up spaceships. Bastium has a green-ish gold appearance when gathered as ore, and is a sturdy metal that is commonly found in low-gravity planetoids and asteroids.

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