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Radio transmitters

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Radio Transmitter.png
Transmitter device
Type Navigation device
Function Signal broadcasting


Origin north.jpg
Origin north transmitter
Transmitter Stations

A radio transmitter is device that exists only on developer stations, it's signals are detectable using navigation receivers. They are used in community navigation systems. Radio transmitters can currently not be built by players, all 4 existing ones are developer provided.

Basic information

  • Transmitters:
  • Have limited range, station transmitters have a maximum range of 1000000, or 1000km
  • Sends a message to any receiver, which is in the correct range.
  • Does not transmit power, which means receivers must have their own power sources.

Known station transmitters

Station name Message
North Transmitter Station origin_north
East Transmitter Station origin_east
South Transmitter Station origin_south
West Transmitter Station origin_west

Device fields

YOLOL field description range
TransmitMessage Message being sent
TransmitRange Range where the message can be received 1000000
Frequency The frequency channel the transmitter will send signals to. 1

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

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