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The Empire
Leader: Laurentius
Head of Diplomacy: Captainatom931 (Acting)
Faction Information
Government Type: Imperial Meritocracy
Official Colors: Orange, Brown and Purple White and Red (Temporarily)
Official Motto/Slogan: None
Date of founding: November 19th, 2019
Membership strength: Unknown
Community Discord:
Imperial Embassy Discord:
Foreign Affairs
Alliances: Lodestar
Enemies: Kingdom (Armistice)

Faction description

As one of the largest known factions in the universe, Empire represents itself as an imperial meritocracy with a subdivided military and civilian government.
It is formally lead by Emperor Laurentius and various commanding officers.

The Empire represents itself in angular, pointed iconography and architecture with a pseudo-Roman naming convention for ships, stations and prominent endoskeletons.
Orange, white and purple are the official colors used by Imperial ships and stations. However, differences may exist as a result of rank, veteran status, or both.

As indicated in various trailers, the Empire is at war with the Kingdom, the other largest known faction in the universe.
Both Empire and Kingdom are run by players and developers.


Empire has been extremely active in pre-release diplomacy, founding the Imperial Embassy and Diplomatic Corps through which they interact with outside entities.

Ambassadors of the Empire are largely selected from military personnel, however may expand to include civilian personnel in the future.

Contracts issued by the Embassy include construction, infrastructure and design orders for companies looking to secure funding, and utilizes a multi-phase submission system.
These contracts are normally issued in a competitive manner, wherein competing companies put forward designs to meet specifications, and winners are selected by the relevant Imperial body.

For diplomatic enquiries, please use the Imperial Embassy Discord Server or contact the Head of Diplomacy directly.



Imperial armament corps sleeve.png

Imperial Armament Corps
The Imperial Armament Corps is the primary military arm of the Empire, consisting of all soldiers and personnel defending and fighting in and out of Imperial territory. Members of the Imperial Armament Corps are typically assigned to combat battalions through which they receive orders and report to command.

Imperial support corps sleeve.png

Imperial Support Corps
The Imperial Support Corps is responsible for the well-being and maintenance of the standardized equipment of the Imperial Military as well as its soldiers. Largely serving as a logistics role, the Support Corps is the backbone of the Imperial Military by supplying the front lines and ensuring all equipment is made available where possible.

Imperial engineer corps sleeve.png

Imperial Engineer Corps
The Imperial Engineer Corps is responsible for building, repairing and maintaining the facilities and ships in the Imperial Fleet Operations typically include designing, constructing and evaluating various designs and schematics for the Imperial Military, and includes the research of captured enemy craft.


First Regimental Combat Team "Vanguards"
The First Regimental Combat Team, abbreviated [1stRCT] and colloquially known as the "Vanguard", is the first authorized Imperial Regiment by Emperor Laurentius.
It serves as a training and conditioning regiment for new members of the Empire and offers positions to veteran officers to impart their wisdom upon new generations of Imperial soldiers.
It was founded by VilleFB and Vampiricdust.

The Vanguard is subdivided into three combat and one support battalion:

  • 110th Combat Battalion
  • 120th Combat Battalion
  • 130th Combat Battalion
  • 140th Support Battalion

It has four auxiliary companies known as:

  • 101st Military Police Company
  • 102nd Reconnaissance Company
  • 103rd Battalion Auxiliary Destroyer Company
  • 104th Battalion Auxiliary Logistics Company


Soldiers of the Empire are given different ranks based on their performance, service time, and military branch.

Empire ranks fonts.png

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