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The Kingdom
Leadership Structure
Monarch Joel
Councillors Dino
Government Type Representative democracy under a constitutional monarchy
  • Assembly
  • Citizens of the Kingdom
Faction Information
Official Colors: (De facto) Blue, white, red
Official Motto/Slogan For the King!
Date of founding: January 31st, 2020 (Independence declared)

February 14th, 2020 (Constitution ratified)

Membership strength 247 [1]
Discord Link
Foreign Office Discord Link
Foreign Affairs
Alliances King's Banner
Enemies Empire

Faction description

The Kingdom is one of the largest factions in the universe, ruled by King Joel the Just and the Assembly.
Kingdom is a mostly civilian faction focused on new player experience.
Their symbol is the crest of the royal house, which shows the Red Star Shield adorned with red wings. The crest is granted to important personnel and ships within the faction.
The Kingdom is currently at war with the Empire, the other largest faction in the universe.
Kingdom is the leader of the King's Banner alliance, which has the objective of giving military and economic support to the members.



Since the reformation of Kingdom with the passing of the Assembly bill on the 15th of September 2020, Kingdom has been a representative democracy similar to an oligarchy.
The current structure of Kingdom is as follows:

  • The legislative body of Kingdom, the assembly, consists of 5 councillors. The assembly vote on bills posted by any citizen of Kingdom, which will either be passed, rejected, or delayed in case a tie occurs. When a councillor resigns or is recalled, an election is held to designate a new councillor.
  • The Monarch of Kingdom has the power to veto any decision made by the assembly (this rarely happens).
  • Task groups are branches in the Kingdom government, which are introduced by bills. These task groups receive a specified amount of power, limitations and responsibilities, tasks, and a designated leader from the assembly.


The first constitution of Kingdom was on February 14 2020 by Louis von Benette, Kenetor von Terra, Myst von Gavreau, and Argredor.
On September 15th, the constitution was entirely replaced by a new one. This constitution completely changed the legislature of Kingdom, by reducing the number of people required to run Kingdom, as well as reducing the amount of power and duties one individual carries.

Task groups

Home Office

Kingdom Home Office.png

The admin hub of kingdom where people help with various activities such as immigration, propaganda and moderation of the main discord server. This taskgroup is lead by Explorerbob

Kingdom Defense Force

Kingdom Defense Force.png

The Kingdom Defense Force, abbreviated as the KDF, is the official military wing of Kingdom. Tasked with protecting stations, companies, citizens and even the King himself, the KDF stands firm as an organized, professional military arm working hand in hand with our corporate partners and other task forces to maintain, organize and provide a functional standing army in times of peace, and a motivated, victorious fleet in times of war. This task group is headed by [redacted].

Foreign Office

Kingdom Foreign Office.png

The Foreign Office houses all official Kingdom Diplomats, tasked with keeping up relations with other factions, exchanging information and working out deals of any nature. Jimothy is the current leader of this task group.



The Kingdom is a hub for liberty, growing businesses and individuals who make their first steps in this big universe. It is clear, that such a community can only thrive on the back of a strong and healthy economy. In order to guarantee a positive development in this regard, a task group was needed and thus "The Treasury" was founded. It's main purpose is to safeguard the Kingdom's assets and finance the various endeavors of it's people. The Treasury is currently headed by Nathan (Brain).



When it comes to putting the base in Starbase, the Infrastructure Task Group has Kingdom covered. Any public buildings such as stations are the responsibility of the ITG which can use Kingdom resources and call on the aid of Kingdom citizens to construct areas for the good of the faction. Unlike the Shipforge, the ITG specialises in station construction. A good example of this station is Keystone and its Great Hall. While the work of the ITG is for the benefit of the Kingdom, sometimes it sells areas of stations to private investors so as to raise money for the Assembly, stimulate Kingdom's economy, or both. The Assembly acts as an moderating force over the ITG, making sure that the resources it uses to build Kingdom's stations are put to good use for the benefit of the Kingdom. This is lead by ShortysCartoonCorner (Tazeem)



The royal Shipforge is responsible for the development and maintenance of Kingdom's official ship classes. It's crafty crew also offers information and support about ship design in general. This task group is headed by [redacted].

Royal Mining Corps

Royal Mining Corps.png

The Royal Mining Corps is a Kingdom Task Force for those who want to mine to obtain resources for the Kingdom. And shall ensure that the Kingdom has the materials needed to continue to develop and flourish into a pleasant environment where you can thrive and enjoy yourself. This task group is led by RobertRL

Kingdom Internal Security Taskgroup

Internal Security Task Force.png

Handles internal security, among other things including upholding law in kingdom territories to providing security to high ranking individuals. It also is home to the inquisitor which the task group readily helps in tackling different things, this includes corruption. This task group is led by Senas.

King's Banner Companies

Kingdom companies, known as King's Banner collectively, are companies which have aligned themselves with Kingdom, and thus get benefits from this.
Benefits of being a Kingdom company include: members of the Kingdom company may become citizens of Kingdom (vice versa), Kingdom companies get protection from Kingdom's Defence Force, Kingdom companies get advertisement rights within Kingdom, and the Kingdom companies may get discounted or free of charge lots within Kingdom.
Additionally, limitations are placed upon Kingdom companies: all members of a Kingdom company are treated as part of Kingdom in regards to breaches of law - and could be held accountable, and Kingdom companies are not allowed to trade or make deals with certain factions.

These are the current Kingdom companies:

  • Falsemotives Coding and Co.
  • C.O.A.S.T
  • Slavic Federation
  • Sine Nominus Vulge
  • Starbase Design Agency
  • Salamander Co
  • Greyhawk Advanced Systems
  • Eros Capital Ships
  • Galactic Fuels
  • Scarlet dominion



An election occurs when a member of the assembly resigns or is recalled. There is a 7-day nomination period in which citizens can sign up for the seat. After this period, there is a 7-day voting period, in which citizens vote for whomever they believe should get the seat in the assembly.
The original 7 members of the Assembly were Auxiy, Avoxa, Blight of Powers, Greenwood, Myst von Gavreau, Woodz, and Zigon.
Past election results can be found here.


The Defence task group, also known as the Kingdom Defence Force, is the military of Kingdom, handling policing and threats from external military forces.



Despite being a monarchy, the Kingdom has long been more interested in the ideals of fairness, freedom and fraternity than it's Imperial counterpart. While some would call this idealistic at best, most Kingdomites take pride in their democratic society and its tolerant attitudes. Being polite and good-natured are seen to be better qualities than success or power in the Kingdom. Those robots that are sociable with their fellows and good-natured tend to get on well in society. For those that are well-liked enough they may find themselves honoured with one of a growing array of titles bestowed by the King, the most prestigious of which being the Paladinhood. In this the Kingdom finds itself sentimental towards tradition while still keen to preserve the liberty of its citizens. For some such a contradiction seems impossible yet, somehow, and seemingly without effort, the balance is achieved.
To be a Kingdomite is not simply to live on the right megastation or to fly the right flag - it is a way of being. A way which can only be achieved by working with those around you. Kingdomites also have a natural attraction to tea and foods that are related to UK in any way. Some people see this as a parody of Empire's love for bread


  1. Taken from Kingdom discord server, October 7th, 2021
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