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Side view of the Empire Veles
Class and type: Interceptor
Name: Veles
General use: Combat missions
General characteristics
Crew: 5; 1 Pilot, 2 Gunner, 1 Commander, 1 Torpedo Launcher Operator
Armament: 18 Autocannons, 1 Rail cannon, 2 Plasma cannons, 8 Torpedo Launchers, 2 Missile Pod Hardpoints
Thrust power: 840,000
Electricity output: 12,000
Flight time: 464 minutes
Thrusters: 4 box, 40 triangle, 20 maneuver
Generator units: 12
Fuel chambers: 6
Propellant containers: 2 large, 8 small

Ship description

The Veles is conceptualised as a Torpedo Corvette that can fill the roles of an anti-gunship and anti-frigate ship.

Design and Function

The Veles class is an anti-gunship and anti-frigate ship that is capable of outmaneuvering and outrunning the gunships currently deployed by both the Kingdom and the Empire military. It has an impressive number of point defence turrets that are relegated to a supportive role, as the ship's two primary weapon systems are best used from a long distance. A rail cannon mounted on the top deck and a battery of eight vertical launch torpedo tubes offers the Veles its long-range firepower.

The ship's speed and long-range weaponry allows for effective use of kiting and hit-and-run tactics. Its secondary intended role is to act as a light assault and troop deployment vessel and a long-range patrol craft. However, to maximize speed, the Veles class is lightly armoured and is ill-suited in close-quarters battles. To mitigate this weakness, an array of nine twin autocannon turrets are used as close range point-defence against fighters and missiles. A pair of bow facing plasma throwers and missile pods are installed to support the ship's assault role and act as supplemental weapons should the ship closes in on the enemy from torpedo range.

Due to the ship's excessive weapons systems, electricity consumption becomes an issue when the rail cannon and all of the autocannon are used simultaneously in a prolonged engagement. The Veles Class is also plagued by a tight and claustrophobic interior that can become a nuisance for its crew during long patrol missions. This, however, keeps the ship's overall silhouette minimal and plays in it's intended role as long-range sniping platform.

Overall, the Veles is designed with speed and firepower in mind to counter the advantages of the gunships and frigates.

Ship location

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