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Plasma cannon

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Plasma cannon.png
A plasma thrower, expanded and assembled
Plasma cannon
Type Weaponry
Function Anti-armor

Size 348×48×84 cm
Mass 5,375.48 kg
Volume 565.24 kv
Corrosion resistance 287
Primary material Kutonium
Input / Output
Electric input
  • 250 e/s upkeep
  • 2,500 electricity per shot

Heat generation 250 per shot

Heat dissipation 100 per second


Muzzle velocity600 m/s
Rate of fire70 RPM

Magazine capacity150 per charge

Projectile mass65 voxels
Projectile energy1,170
Projectile lifetime7 seconds

Composition (barrel)
Composition (magazine)

Composition (structure)
Composition (body)

The plasma cannon is one of several ship weapons available for militarized spaceships. Despite a relatively slow velocity and rate of fire, the plasma cannon excels at wreaking destruction, and they are capable of ablating significant armor mass.


  • Rate of fire: Slow
  • Spread: low
  • Flight speed: Slow
  • Ammunition type: Energy
  • Damage type: Fracture

Ship usage

Plasma Cannons can be found on following ships either by default, or as a variant:

Device fields

Plasma Thrower Barrel

YOLOL field description range
MountedWeaponFire "Trigger pull". Often renamed to shoot or fire 0 - 1
StoredActivePlasmaAmmo "Is the gun loaded?" Amount of ammo the weapon has in its barrel 0 - 1
MaxActivePlasmaAmmo Maximum amount of ammo that fits in the barrel 1
PlasmaChargeLimit Upper limit for charge speed 0 - 100
PlasmaChargeSpeed Current charge speed 0 - 100

Mounted Weapon Body

YOLOL field description range
StoredHeat How much heat is currently in the system 0 - 1000
MaxHeat Maximum amount of heat that can be in the system 1000
StoredLocalPower How much LocalPower is currently in the system 0 - 5000
MaxLocalPower Maximum amount of LocalPower that can be in the system 5000

Plasma Thrower Structure

YOLOL field description range
AvailablePlasmaAmmo How much inactive ammo is left 0 - 100
MaxAvailablePlasmaAmmo Maximum amount of inactive ammo that can be stored 100

Plasma Cannon Mag

YOLOL field description range
StoredPlasmaAmmo How much inactive ammo is left 0 - 100
MaxPlasmaAmmo Maximum amount of inactive ammo that can be stored 100

To learn more about the usage of fields, consult these wiki pages:

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