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Aegisium ore.pngAegisium refined.png
Aegisium's inventory icons, in ore and processed form
Classification Industrial metals
Rarity Uncommon
Usage Station constructions, foundations
Market priceN/A
Material properties
Structural durability 10
Armor rating 1.9 / kv
Minimum armor rating 0.5 / kv
Penetration multiplier 191%
Corrosion resistance 600
Plasticity 150
Density 7.67 kg/kv

Aegisium is a relatively uncommon material that boasts the highest corrosion resistance of all materials, and thus it often sees usage in plating and devices that need to exposed to corrosive atmospheres. It has occasionally been used as armor, as it has decent ballistic properties for its mass. Aegisium has a mixed blue-green appearance when mined as an ore.

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