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Ship Shops

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About this page

This page contains community maintained catalogue for player created and submitted ship shops with location, layouts and brief descriptions all provided below.
Layouts provide a numeric ID for a slot that is used in ship lists to show the location of the ship of interest in the shop.

Player Ship Shop Layouts

Origin Shops

Ship Shop Layouts (Open in a new tab for convenience)

DuraTech Ship Shop

Duratech shoplogo.png

Duratech are the makers of highly detailed and very well decorated ships ranging from explorers to mighty industrial behemoths.
Type: large player ship shop
Maintained by: Sturmtreiber

List of Duratech ships
# Image Ship Name Creator Credits Cost Material Cost Description
DTX-BBR4-A Bombur A

mining assistant
DURΛTΞCH Unknown Unknown Bombur is hungry. Bombur wants to burn away stones. Bombur also has two crates for all the precious treasures. But Bombur does not want to be alone. Bombur only really gets excited when it has friends. Bombur happy when you are happy. Bomburr. Made by DURATECH.

Bomburr is an advanced starter level ship.
Jordis A

mid-range speeder
DURΛTΞCH 60,109.81
  • Agatite Ore: 1,222 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 6,991 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 4,073 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 76 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 1 kv
  • Ice: 2,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 35 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 258 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 4,289 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 252 kv
Some claim that it is not possible to design a compact long distance shuttle, especially if you want it to bear that spiffing, hot look. They are sadly right. At least for now. This is the JORDISclass (DTX-JRD1-A) made by DURATECH. A compact and fast shuttle with a running time of 10 ... no wait, 4 hours. Uncompromising and made for the track. Never forget - just keep swimming.

The Jordis A is a starter level ship
DTX-SGY1-A Signy A

station hopper
DURΛTΞCH 77,873.64
  • Ajatite Ore: 1,050 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 7 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 8,799 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 1,016 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 1 kv
  • Ice: 1,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 9 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 29,968 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 6,126 kv
Isn't it tedious to maneuver a big ship through the station? The Signy by DURATECH is the answer to your problem. This compact station hopper has a flight time of about 10 minutes, but it can be fully charged at any recharge station. Enjoy your flight experience and whiz with style.

Skill Level: Starter
DTX-AFG4-A Alfrigg A

upgradeable starter vessel
DURΛTΞCH 130,506.46
  • Aegisium Ore: 1,195 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 1,900 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 14 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 16,816 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 6,301 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 113 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 1 kv
  • Ice: 4,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 71 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 7,132 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 8,744 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 378 kv
This mining ship grows with its owner. Extend the loading capacity of the Alfrigg to up to 30 crates, and if speed is important to you, it is also possible to mount two additional box thrusters onto the ship. Everybody starts small, but with this faithful companion you are well equipped to step into your adventure. Made by DURATECH

The Alfrigg A is a starter level ship
DTX-EDA6-A Eydama A

repair ship
DURΛTΞCH Unknown Unknown The EYDAMA A by DURATECH is a robust maintenance and repair vessel with long flight time and a wide range of spare components. With the help of an "all-axis"" rangefinder array, the Eydama A can scan its surroundings and serve as an optical signal for other ships.

The EYDAMA A is a advanced level ship.
DTX-LYN6-A Lyngbaker A

multi-purpose wanderer
DURΛTΞCH 948,496.38
  • Aegisium Ore: 33,713 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 27,670 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 570 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 167,567 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 95,382 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 227 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 2 kv
  • Ice: 36,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 2,015 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 3,165 kv
  • Lukium Ore: 4,792 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 65,865 kv
  • Valkite Ore: 138 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 61,746 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 756 kv
The LYNGBAKER class ended the era of our pre-alpha 3D concepts. Now finally we are bringing this crowning glory of a ship into the game. The Lyngbaker A is the 20th ship we have designed for our DuraShop. The ship contains generous Cargo Lock Frame cargo holds on three floors, as well as various other rooms which can be used to store everything important to you. Many control options, useful functions and adaptability make this gentle whale a compact but fine mobile base.

The Lyngbaker is an advanced level ship.
Vana B DURΛTΞCH Unknown Unknown High capacity freighter = box ship! Many of the ships in this category seem to be designed according to the maxim. We refuse. This is the VANA class super freighter made by DURATECH. Puristic approach meets uncompromising aesthetics. The B-variant focuses on an excellent mining performance. Equipped with two mining lasers and two ore collectors, asteroids are eaten precisely thanks to the triangular 3-axis turret control. This voluptuous lady - outfitted with 480 cargo crates, a powerful thruster array (maximum speed up to 130 m/s) and the proven ISAN QUAD navigation system (incl. waypoint module), offers experienced miners an excellent solution for the belt and beyond.

Skill Level: Advanced
DTX-SGT5-A Sinthgut A

CLF Freighter
DURΛTΞCH 1,066,843.87
  • Aegisium Ore: 46,229 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 30,070 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 830 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 186,155 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 133,264 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 151 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 93 kv
  • Ice: 54,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 2,884 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 4,281 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 55,421 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 88,301 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 504 kv
Frame in asteroids, scrap or even complete ships; The SINTHGUT by DURATECH is like a blank canvas, hungry to be stuffed and filled. Go on a trip and amaze your fellow endos with all the exciting finds you've made, thanks to your huge, "framing" ship. Well, at least until the voxel limit kicks in, reminding you, that all good things must come to an end.

The Sinthgut is an advanced level ship.
DTX-OMV6-A Ormvidar A

mobile speed monitor vessel
DURΛTΞCH 216,611.97
  • Aegisium Ore: 5,076 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 8,078 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 246 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 24,703 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 14,581 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 151 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 1 kv
  • Ice: 9,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 372 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 1,173 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 14,067 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 504 kv
The ORMVIDAR A by DURATECH is an utility vessel that was designed to accurately measure the speed of other ships. A second pilot seat on the side of the ship is used to point and track a target.

The ORMVIDAR A is an intermediate level ship
DTX-FNN6-A Fundinn A

light omni vessel
DURΛTΞCH 96,995.44
  • Aegisium Ore: 329 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 2,697 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 11,588 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 9,276 kv
  • Ice: 4,000 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 5,022 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 9,191 kv
The Fundinn by DURATECH is somewhat special. A small shuttle... Wait, wasn't she an evasive fighter after all? No, no, I think prospecting was her thing. Anyway, the ship comes equipped with a generous main thrust engine and the big rack of maneuver thrusters gives her enough speed and swiftness to serve as your quirky, loyal steed - in peaceful and hostile situations. The Fundinn's empty turret is also eagerly waiting to be loaded.

This is an advanced starter level ship.
Dtx far2-a-01.jpg
Faradagr A

supply tanker
DURΛTΞCH Unknown Unknown Albeit her original role as a mid-range explorer, it quickly became clear that the FARADAGER class A-variant (DTX-FAR2-A) made by DURATECH, makes a fast, robust supply tanker. Equipped with 36 large propellant tanks and 48 spare fuel rods, and clad in composite aegesium and charodium armour, the Faradager is suitable for both civilian and military convoys. Her spacious bridge for up to three crew members offers extensive control and diagnostic consoles (energy management, ISAN navigation with waypoint module, supply control).

This ship is a advanced level ship.
Aelsa A

light transport shuttle
DURΛTΞCH 92,984.24
  • Aegisium Ore: 1,867 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 1,890 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 14 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 10,867 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 7,236 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 189 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 1 kv
  • Ice: 3,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 106 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 6 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 4,259 kv
  • Valkite Ore: 3 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 7,959 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 630 kv
The Aelsa A by DURATECH is a civilian transport shuttle with a passenger capacity of up to either endoskeletons and a daring look that will turn endo heads at you local spaceship wash. Do you need something like this? Maybe not. Is it fabulous? Absolutely.

The Aelsa A is a starter level ship.
DTX-VOL1-A Volsung A

heavy duty speeder bike
DURΛTΞCH 72,814.48
  • Aegisium Ore: 1,693 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 1,055 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 42 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 7,340 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 3,179 kv
  • Ice: 4,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 56 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 2,130 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 3,397 kv
The DTX-VOL1-A, made by DURATECH, is a Volsung class ship, developed out of the desire to create a DURATECH equivalent of the famous Vasama family. The ships in the class use a very modular, basic ship frames that can be modified and multiplied to fit many roles. This A-variant is a robust speeder bike that has a long flight time and two unused hardpoints for installing various optional gear.

The DTX-VOL1-A is an intermediate level ship.
DTX-VOL1-B Volsung B

non-standard tactical vehicle
DURΛTΞCH 257,647.29
  • Aegisium Ore: 3,297 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 1,693 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 85 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 21,149 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 11,819 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 113 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 301 kv
  • Ice: 7,204 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 166 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 8,816 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 11,423 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 378 kv
The DTX-VOL1-B, made by DURATECH, is the B-variant of DURATECH's modular speeder design, the Volsung. This B-variant doubles the fun of its predecessor thanks to its two pilot seats, an integrated ISAN mono navigation system and power reserves that enable the operation of a one ship-mounted gun. DURATECH's automated power and fuel management and flight modes are included in the ship as well.

This ship is an intermediate level ship.
Heretha Mk2 A DURΛTΞCH Unknown Unknown HERETHAclass MK2 [DTX-HET52-A] [UTILITY] [CARGO SHIP] [CLB CARRIER] This classic carrier is able to trasport eight differet objects withi its segmeted cargo areas. o additional assistance ship is needed for loading operations - the pilot controls the whole process via the ship's dedicated control pods. [~150 m/s] [4.1h / 2,000km] [16k ep/s] [8x CLB Slots] [ISAN V1]

This is a advanced level ship.
Frigg A DURΛTΞCH 1,564,344.44
  • Aegisium Ore: 98,501 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 42,713 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 64,294 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 152,801 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 76,824 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 10,309 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 3 kv
  • Ice: 252,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 244 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 49,011 kv
  • Lukium Ore: 32,018 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 103,119 kv
  • Valkite Ore: 9 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 99,425 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 756 kv
  • Ymrium Ore: 51,254 kv
Friggclass [DTX-FGG5-A] [UTILITY] [CARGO SHIP] [SUPPLY TANKER] A slim shape and high velocity allow the the Frigg to quickly travel deep within the belt. Haul a bountiful amount of rods and propellant to where it is needed the most: a construction site or a ship in need of resupplying. [~130 m/s] [7h / 3,200km] [10k ep/s] [336 spare rods] [ISAN V1]

Skill Level: Advanced
Heptifili Mk2 A DURΛTΞCH 1,183,917.95
  • Aegisium Ore: 89,318 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 28,594 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 54,864 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 126,988 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 122,129 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 8,435 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 16,404 kv
  • Ice: 72,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 408 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 47,943 kv
  • Lukium Ore: 24,784 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 37,444 kv
  • Valkite Ore: 16 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 94,249 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 882 kv
  • Ymrium Ore: 44,371 kv
HEPTIFILI class MK2 [DTX-HEP42-A] [UTILTIY] [PROSPECTOR] [MINING LASER DRILL] The mai focus of this fast drillship is to mie asteroids of variable sizes ad it shoul dbe paired with a large freighter for maximum efficiecy. [~145 m/s] [4.1h / 2,100km] [24k ep/s] [112 ore crates] [4x Mining Laser] [2x Ore Collector] [CLB Slot] [ISAN V1] [ACAS] [ADCD]

The Heptifili is an advanced level ship.
Hanarr Mk2 A DURΛTΞCH 1,012,748.30
  • Aegisium Ore: 55,127 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 23,167 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 751 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 143,175 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 98,615 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 189 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 4,464 kv
  • Ice: 36,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 663 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 948 kv
  • Lukium Ore: 551 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 34,954 kv
  • Valkite Ore: 4 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 66,648 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 630 kv
HANARR MK2 [DTX-HNA42-A] [UTILITY] [PROSPECTOR] [PREMIUM MINER] A successor to the original HANARRclass mining ship. This comfortable vessel accommodates a device area that can be equipped according to the belter's various needs. [~135 m/s] [3.7h / 1,800km] [12k ep/s] [118 ore crates] [1x Mining Laser] [2x Ore Collector] [ISAN V1] [ACAS] [ADCD]

This is an advanced level ship.
DTX-VOL5-C Volsung C

fast CLF Transporter
DURΛTΞCH 228,759.56
  • Aegisium Ore: 6,935 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 2,727 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 745 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 26,233 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 13,425 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 503 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 855 kv
  • Ice: 6,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 1,578 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 2,167 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 21,360 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 13,251 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 252 kv
The DTX-VOLS-C, made by DURATECH, is the C-variant of DURATECH's modular speeder design, the Volsung. In this variant, the two basic Volsung modules are supported by additional main thrusters and merged with a big cargo lock frame that is capable of holding for example 30 material cubes in it. The cockpit is re-positioned to the front and this variant is also equipped with enough batteries to use the two mounted guns that the ship is equipped with. Even though the Volsung C is not a combat vessel, it can defend itself and even attack unsuspecting enemies.

The DTX-VOL5-C is an intermediate level ship.
DTX-VGR2-A Vegger A

tiny travel shuttle
DURΛTΞCH Unknown Unknown The VEGGR Class is a puristic shuttle for determined pilots. It's designed for one purpose only: Grand Turismo. The long flight time, our Asteroid Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) and the Veggr's nimble flight performance ensure that you will travel with style and dignity.

This is an intermediate level ship.
Notnagel A

small and fast mining vessel
DURΛTΞCH 335,061.05
  • Aegisium Ore: 2,162 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 4,226 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 176 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 61,505 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 33,057 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 76 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 1 kv
  • Ice: 16,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 270 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 22,959 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 24,140 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 252 kv
The NOTNAGEL Class made by DURATECH stands for purism, toughness and top speed. Yet it is not actually a DURATECH ship. At least we didn't want to admit it openly for a long time. This is already indicated by its untypical name (Notnagel = "emergency-nail", meaning stopgap). Born purely out of necessity and without the prospect of a great future, this uncreative box ship should have ended up on the scrap heap long ago. But he's tough, this nail. The original version was modified and extended many times. The result is a real workhorse that's appreciated by aspiring beginners and rare ore hunters alike. This latest version has a capacity of 56 cargo crates, a top speed of 150/130 meters per second (empty/fully loaded) and it now has the option of retrofitting a mining laser (turret or fixed) and a collector. The practical ADCD (Automatic Distance Closure Device), navigation via ISAN Mono and our proven oversize bumpers round off the package.
SAVFA A DURΛTΞCH 1,213,143.25
  • Aegisium Ore: 29,275 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 11,919 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 8,278 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 18,677 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 53,115 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 1 kv
  • Ice: 4,900 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 675 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 7,714 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 1,987 kv
  • Surtrite Crystal: 25,557 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 26,179 kv
Description coming soon
Fornbogi A

fast CLB truck
DURΛTΞCH Unknown Unknown The Fornbogi DTX-FBG4-A is DURATECH's equivalent to the beloved Hypevan - _the Duratruck“! Originally meant to be just a simple short range station transporter and hauler, this boy went way beyond that, thanks to the ridiculous loadout, unique geometry and general pimpness.

The Fornbogi DTX-FBG4-A is an advanced level ship.
Jagerfall A DURΛTΞCH 424,923.54
  • Aegisium Ore: 15,283 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 12,647 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 453 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 48,445 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 33,139 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 227 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 3 kv
  • Ice: 32,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 362 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 25,862 kv
  • Valkite Ore: 177 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 24,991 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 24,991 kv
JAGERFALL class [DTX-JGA6-A] [UTILITY] [SPECIAL] [HOVER TRANSPORT] This ship's obvious area of operation is any of Eos' many moons. The bulky ship hull is divided by a dedicated device & transport section which invites the pilot to define this vessels exact job and purpose on his own. [~140m/s] [4.0h / 2,000km] [6k ep/s] [ISAN mono] [Hover/Landing]

Skill Level: Advanced

DynaStar Ship Shop


DynaStar's ship shop offers a range of high-quality, stylish, and functional vessels; with a primary focus on industrial and multipurpose ships.
Type: large player ship shop
Maintained by: Max

List of DynaStar ships
# Image Ship Name Creator Credits Cost Material Cost Description
Dynastar Intermediary.jpg
Intermediary Dynastar 420,624.55
  • Aegisium Ore: 6,997 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 11,549 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 27 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 59,769 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 45,544 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 76 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 1 kv
  • Ice: 32,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 72 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 23,990 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 8,527 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 30,831 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 252 kv
A modular ship for players with basic knowledge of the game. The ship comes with the ISAN Mono navigation system, a generator regulation script and a warning light system that lets you know when the fuel reserves are low. Equipped with 28 ore crates by default, the Intermediary has a strong frame that enables adding more with relative ease.

Skill Level: Advanced Starter
Rando4 centauri.jpg

joshki 722,472.90
  • Aegisium Ore: 47,924 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 10,796 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 16,772 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 141,216 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 81,425 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 76 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 14,165 kv
  • Ice: 36,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 3,583 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 11,562 kv
  • Lukium Ore: 11,090 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 12,736 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 51,732 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 5,793 kv
  • Ymrium Ore: 12,497 kv
The Centauri is a mining ship, equipped with three lasers and ore collectors.

Skill level: Intermediate
Dynastar Sideswipe.jpg
Sideswipe Dynastar 872,208.10
  • Aegisium Ore: 11,061 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 5,477 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 16,500 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 13,505 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 39,012 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 38 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 1 kv
  • Ice: 3,800 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 1,377 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 18,945 kv
  • Merkerium Ore: 7 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 3,036 kv
  • Surtrite Crystal: 12,779 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 21,809 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 126 kv
A light fighter designed for scouting or fighting in swarms. The Sideswipe is armed with two laser cannons and two plasma throwers.

Skill Level: Advanced Starter
Rando4 biscuit.jpg

Exploration Ship
Joshki 51,468.44
  • Ajatite Ore: 1,287 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 7,408 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 5,321 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 38 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 1 kv
  • Haderite Crystal: 843 kv
  • Ice: 2,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 18 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 422 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 766 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 6,286 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 126 kv
A fast ship by Joshki intended for exploration.

The Biscuit is a starter level ship.
Rando3 xball.jpg

Hype Ship
Huangdispatuli 63,719.28
  • Ajatite Ore: 1,290 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 6,920 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 1,934 kv
  • Ice: 4,000 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 1,595 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 5,138 kv
This X-Ball by Huangdispatuli is purely made for fun. It can spin extremely fast on all axis and it has a decent forward speed. It also has all the necessary controls for flying. The ship has no refilling possibilities.

This is starter level ship.
Dynastar Antares-class.jpg
Antares-class Dynastar 172,862.32
  • Aegisium Ore: 4,010 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 1,808 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 61 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 29,773 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 9,856 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 84 kv
  • Ice: 8,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 55 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 949 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 8,248 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 10,275 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 129 kv
  • Ymrium Ore: 215 kv
The Antares-Class is a cargo ship that is fitted with 22 modular cargo crates, the ISAN MONO GPS, two extra hardpoints for after-purchase modifications, a fuel efficiency YOLOL chip, as well as extra chip slots. The ship also has an accessible device and resource bay for easy maintenance.

Skill Level: Advanced Starte
Dynastar Hypervan.jpg
Hypervan Dynastar Unknown Unknown We at DynaStar heard you guys lost your beloved Hypevan, so naturally we ripped a hole in time to bring it from the past back to the future! We souped it up with a full generator this time, so now it's back and better than ever!

The Hypervan is a starter level ship.
Rando1 magnetar.jpg

HuangdiSpatuli 589,284.89
  • Aegisium Ore: 20,236 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 7,041 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 10,948 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 162,549 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 62,575 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 1,533 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 23,976 kv
  • Ice: 56,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 2,409 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 3,881 kv
  • Lukium Ore: 4,431 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 38,664 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 51,132 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 126 kv
  • Ymrium Ore: 6,035 kv
The Magnetar is a deep space miner. The ship is equipped with six mining lasers, two ore collectors and 168 ore crates. The Magnetar is also equipped with the ISAN navigation system, automated laser pointing and a generator script. The ship's flight time is 14 hours.

Skill level: Intermediate
Rando4 jackrabbit.jpg

Joshki Unknown Unknown The Jackrabbit by Joshki is a light multi-purpose ship. It is equipped with two autocannons and four ore crates.

This is an advanced starter level ship.
Rando4 jackrabbitmil.jpg
Jackrabbit Military

Armed Freighter
Joshki 1,318,824.38
  • Aegisium Ore: 9,973 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 3,194 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 569 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 102,624 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 61,170 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 2,400 kv
  • Ice: 9,632 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 388 kv
  • Lukium Ore: 258 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 25,989 kv
  • Valkite Ore: 81 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 54,143 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 646 kv
A variant of the Jackrabbit by Joshki equipped with eight autocannons.

The Jackrabbbit Military variant is an advanced starter level ship.

EPIC Shipyards

Epic logo.png

EPIC corp's EPIC Shipyards sells a variety of ships, made by members of the company
Type: large player ship shop
Maintained by: Senkii

List of EPIC Shipyards ships
# Image Ship Name Creator Credits Cost Materials Cost Description
1 pinecone mk2.png
Pinecone Mk2

Heavy fighter
Extinct 3,594,917.25
  • Aegisium Ore: 57,272 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 8,277 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 720 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 221,859 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 155,980 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 113 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 7,533 kv
  • Ice: 8,896 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 53 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 388 kv
  • Lukium Ore: 258 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 60,410 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 145,383 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 1,024 kv
"One does not require skill, if one has overwhelming firepower." A heavily armored fighter with 24 autocannons, a top speed of ~100 m/s and propellant reserves for ~1 hour. In addtion the ship has four fuel rods and four small propellant tanks to drive the monster. Having over eight layers of aegesium plating makes this ship a fast, powerful and well-armored heavy fighter. The ship also has automated generator management and Ys.Pos v1.0 navigation system.

Skill Level: Advanced Starter.
2 FAL-4F3L.jpg
FAL-4F3L Epic Shipyard 45,248.94
  • Aegisium Ore: 1,520 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 3,755 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 67 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 3,746 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 4,897 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 83 kv
  • Ice: 2,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 37 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 684 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 6,803 kv
Description coming soon
3 The Breadbox.jpg
The Breadbox Epic Shipyard 66,468.00
  • Aegisium Ore: 516 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 2,175 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 34 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 12,748 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 4,521 kv
  • Ice: 2,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 46 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 2,883 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 5,588 kv
The Breadbox is a personal transport ship, allowing the user to get from point A to B with style and speed. The ship can turn nimbly, so it is perfect for avoiding firefights while keeping the occupants as safe as possible.

Skill Level: Starter
4 catbox m.png
Catbox M

Early-game miner
Senkii Unknown Unknown Description coming soon
5 catbox mu.png
Catbox MU

Senkii Unknown Unknown The Catbox M (Mining) is a starter ship in the Catbox series. This base model comes equipped with four ore cargo crates, and four triangle thrusters. It has the capacity to carry 20 crates, and it can be equipped with up to eight triangle thrusters. The ship also features a spare hardpoint on the top and bottom of the ship that can be used for a navigation receiver or a mounted tool, for example.

Skill Level: Starter
7 Namib.jpg

Towing Ship
Subaru Unknown Unknown The Namib is an old recovery ship designed to be able to haul stranded ships. The ship's current cargo capacity is 825 million and it's equipped with 351 Cargo Lock Beams, some Tractor Beams and Rangefinders for easier loading. The Namib also has an automatic braking system to avoid collisions (don't blindly trust it, the brake time differs depending on the amount of cargo the ship's carrying) and some of the usual quality-of-life necessities. Furthermore the ship's has been upgraded with Tier 2 thrusters and power supply.

Skill Level: Intermediate
11 b16 endurance.png
B16 Endurance

Personal transport
José 52,042.56
  • Aegisium Ore: 3,671 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 6,930 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 1,035 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 4,633 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 4,272 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 773 kv
  • Ice: 8,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 544 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 773 kv
  • Lukium Ore: 1,031 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 850 kv
  • Oninum Ore: 1 kv
  • Tengium Ore: 1,847 kv
  • Valkite Ore: 1 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 6,708 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 516 kv
  • Ymrium Ore: 774 kv
The B16 Endurance by José is a light runabout equipped with the YS.pos navigation system, over 13 hours of flight time and YOLOL designed to provide a comfortable experience for the pilot. It can travel at nearly 150 m/s and can easily be used as a scout or salvage runabout if needed.

Skill Level: Starter
13 pioneer.png

Personal transport
Senkii 28,463.73
  • Aegisium Ore: 1,186 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 1,887 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 19 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 2,258 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 3,012 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 83 kv
  • Ice: 1,000 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 43 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 757 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 4,813 kv
A small speeder, by Senkii. The ship has a top speed of approximately 150 m/s, due to its lightweight frame and plating. It has the standard holographic crosshair to know where you're going. Also, it has a flag. Flags are cool. You should buy it.

Skill Level: Starter
12 hornet.png

Personal transport
Senkii 38,256.69
  • Ajatite Ore: 1,563 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 569 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 6,857 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 1,792 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 113 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 1 kv
  • Ice: 1,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 53 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 388 kv
  • Lukium Ore: 258 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 917 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 3,011 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 1,024 kv
The Hornet created by Senkii is a small personal speeder, build with aesthetics in mind. It is fairly fast and agile, and has all the features a personal transport should need. The ship features inverse gullwing doors and a generator hatch. The YOLOL chips are also located under an easily removable panel behind the seat.

The Hornet is a starter level ship.
6 croc.jpg

Heavy miner
Perry & Subaru 1,200,216.01
  • Aegisium Ore: 152,439 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 28,289 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 1,863 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 171,486 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 211,380 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 77 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 44,058 kv
  • Ice: 44,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 758 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 4,405 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 28,934 kv
  • Surtrite Crystal: 206 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 105,439 kv
The Croc is a advanced mining platform for belt asteroids. It is especially efficient when used together with a hauler ship that can serve as a link between the mining location and a station or a Capital Ship. The Croc is equipped with 10 mining lasers, 12 collectors, one material scanner, a smart display and and the Ys.pos navigation system. The ship can carry 192 [144x144x144] crates, 28 fuel chambers, eight medium tanks and 12 small tanks. On average each fuel chamber has three enhancer beams going through them, with the smaller side fuel chambers only having one enhancer each. Finally the Croc is fully plated with an aegisium hull for protection against corrosive materials.

The Croc is an advanced level ship.
15 catbox.png

Personal transport
Senkii Unknown Unknown The Catbox recreated by Senkii is a rework of the cat ear ship, first seen in the Spaceship Designer feature video. This improved version of the original ship comes with generator management, an accessible fuel rod, coolant cells, propellant tanks, the possibility for refueling in the future and a beautiful cat camouflage.

The Catbox is a starter level ship.
16 elyune.png

Personal transport
Subaru 94,522.18
  • Aegisium Ore: 7,183 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 9,741 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 1,422 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 6,252 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 10,313 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 854 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 1,875 kv
  • Ice: 7,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 1,338 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 1,282 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 2,048 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 11,996 kv
The Elyune is a personal transport ship equipped with Tier 2 thrusters and power supply. The ship has a hover mode for moon travel and also basic quality of life features. The FcuBackwards is negative FcuForward, so that keybind is better left untouched. The ship's range is quite decent for a ship of its size, since The Elyune is outfitted with two fuel chambers and seven propellant tanks. Furthermore the ship only uses the main thrusters while flying forward, saving quite a bit of propellant and power from the maneuver thrusters. The Elyune is fully plated, so it is suitable for all kinds of environments.

This ship is a starter level ship.
14 plasma zep.png
Plasma Zeppelin

Just... Big
Perry & Subaru Unknown Unknown A Plasma Varient of the Event Zeppelin. This version of the Zeppelin has two developer turrets and a 6-ring plasma thruster. Note: Each thruster pod is in its own propellant network, including the plasma propellant which is accessible from the engineering room and from the pods on the beams connecting them to the main hull.

Skill Level: Intermediate
23 apito.png

Subaru 293,738.86
  • Aegisium Ore: 28,017 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 7,955 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 2,939 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 21,619 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 22,462 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 854 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 3,588 kv
  • Ice: 12,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 3,796 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 7,821 kv
  • Lukium Ore: 2,062 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 13,730 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 18,966 kv
  • Xhalium Ore: 1,031 kv
  • Ymrium Ore: 1,547 kv
The Apito is a small salvaging ship equipped with eight Cargo Lock Beam arrays and three internal Cargo Lock Frames. The ship also features a navigation system and a receiver to target and identify stations without a transponder signal. The ship is fully plated in corrosion resistant materials. The Apito uses Tier 2 power supply system and thrusters.

The Apito is an intermediate level ship.
24 baracuda.jpg

Perry 167,644.86
  • Aegisium Ore: 11,048 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 5,573 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 123 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 26,396 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 9,348 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 131 kv
  • Ice: 16,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 111 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 430 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 7,306 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 13,811 kv
The Baracuda by Perry is a small starter miner and scout ship with long flight range capabilities. The ship is equipped with the YS.Pos navigation system, previously known as the E.Nav 1.0.

The Baracuda has simplified propellant and battery percentage displays and access hatches to the generators, tanks and the coolant cells. The coolant cells serve as emergency coolant for the generators, as the generators mainly use radiators. As such, Generator Cooling Racks are turned off by default. The ship has an ore capacity of 38 crates. The Baracuda is created by Perry from the Faction Epic Corp.

This is an advanced starter level ship.

27 Hover Tank Prototype.jpg
Hover Tank Prototype Subaru Unknown Unknown A Hover Tank prototype, whose armaments and other features were made in accordance to rules and limitations. If you want to fly it to the moon, use the upwards thrust and pitch up.

Skill Level: Intermediate

K-Bot Ship Shop

KBot Logo4.png

A small and cozy ship shop housing fancy creations of Kenetor's K-Bot folks.
Type: small player ship shop
Maintained by: Kenetor

List of K-Bot ships
# Image Ship Name Creator Credits Cost Material Cost Description

Personal Transport
Kenetor 29,805.61
  • Ajatite Ore: 1,693 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 34 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 1,943 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 1,197 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 1 kv
  • Ice: 1,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 19 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 765 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 2,538 kv
The Avanti, born into the role of a small and cheap ship for station hopping, scouting and event salvage. This trusty ship takes on the legacy left behind by the Vasama with pride and diligence.

The Avanti is a starter level ship.
Port Shuttle.jpg
Port Shuttle

Personal Transport
Stack Unknown Unknown The Port Authority Shuttle by Stack is a small shuttle designed for interstation travel and for example for pulling over cool ships. The ship's maximum speed is 150 m/s and it is equipped with a collision avoidance system for approaching ships without crashing into them.

This is a starter level ship.

Kenetor 982,374.92
  • Aegisium Ore: 99,204 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 17,756 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 1,625 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 153,519 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 127,286 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 11,717 kv
  • Ice: 40,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 178 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 1,120 kv
  • Lukium Ore: 5,384 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 42,102 kv
  • Valkite Ore: 22 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 74,023 kv
The Buffalo has been completely overhauled for its Mk.5 configuration. Originally designed as the Hauler's big brother, it can travel much deeper into the asteroid belt and bring back more extensive amounts of ore. The ship has strong strafe thrusters to help avoid collisions with asteroids, without having to go slow in the belt. The strafe thrusters can also be used to counter drift. The ship is equipped with 172 ore cargo crates and can go up to 125 m/s when empty. The Mk5 changes brought in a completely new lukium shielded power core, more lasers and collectors and new devices such as the Material Scanner and Ship Diagnostic Scanner.

The Buffalo is an advanced starter level ship.
Dynastinae Maximus.jpg
Dynastinae Maximus

Kenetor 682,425.99
  • Aegisium Ore: 38,957 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 28,652 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 1,602 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 98,073 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 69,772 kv
  • Corazium Ore: 854 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 5,976 kv
  • Ice: 16,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 1,682 kv
  • Kutonium Ore: 1,799 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 10,973 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 44,720 kv
The Dynastinae Maximus by Kenetor is the full version of the Dynastinae class ship. The ship includes 78 ore crates in a fully armored shell to protect against any corrosive dangers in the belt. This ship is also capable of flight in gravity with enough down-facing thrust to hover. Future versions will also include an auto-landing script. Just like the Buffalo Class, this ship has an expansive cockpit and a more detailed interior. The ship is also designed with future use of the large 3x3 ore crates in mind.

This is an intermediate level ship.
Dynastinae Minimus.jpg
Dynastinae Minimus

Customisable ship
Kenetor 541,865.56
  • Aegisium Ore: 34,332 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 27,390 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 286 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 54,060 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 43,303 kv
  • Ice: 16,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 381 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 10,475 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 27,379 kv
The Dynastinae Minimus by Kenetor is the cut-down budget version of the Dynastinae class ship. It inccludes eight ore crates (upgradable to 78) in a fully armoured shell to protect against any corrosive dangers in the belt. Many of the ship's features and extra thrusters are left out to bring the price down, but they can be added manually. This ship is also capable of flight in gravity with enough down-facing thrust to hover. The future versions will also include an auto-landing script. Just like the Buffalo Class, this ship has an expansive cockpit and a more detailed interior. The ship is also designed with the future use of the large 3x3 ore crates in mind.

The Dynastinae Minimus is an intermediate level ship.
The Sky Walker.jpg
The Sky Walker

Pesonal Transport/Racer
Kenetor 155,461.67
  • Aegisium Ore: 2,162 kv
  • Ajatite Ore: 2,229 kv
  • Arkanium Ore: 10,991 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 12,220 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 12,413 kv
  • Exorium Ore: 1 kv
  • Ice: 16,000 kv
  • Karnite Crystal: 68 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 5,766 kv
  • Tengium Ore: 411 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 10,247 kv
The Sky Walker, designed by Kenetor, is a high-end pod thruster personal craft for quickly getting where you need to be. The Sky Walker utilises the most recent technology in materials, design and utility, and it features a lightweight frame and outer shell, cross pod link, huge fuel capacity (4 x Medium) and the ISAN navigation system for universal positioning. Stand out from the crowd with this amazing ship, that has also been used in the racing scene, and let your thruster trails do the talking.

This ship is an advanced starter level ship.

Kenetor 232,063.03
  • Ajatite Ore: 17,733 kv
  • Bastium Ore: 30,822 kv
  • Charodium Ore: 15,623 kv
  • Ice: 3,000 kv
  • Nhurgite Crystal: 28,471 kv
  • Vokarium Ore: 16,338 kv
The Komatsu is a humble starting ship with 17 crates and a top speed of 88 m/s. The ship can be upgraded to fit 44 crates in total and its speed can be upped to 113 m/s. Other possible upgrades include a large fuel tank, advanced mining tools, the ISAN Mono navigation system, Ship Diagnostics scanner and more advanced flight controls. This base model was specifically designed to be built from the easily obtained ore within the Safe Zone and to be upgraded to a more advanced version. Check the the ship's manual for further details.

Skill Level: Starter

Rando Ship Shop 1


Rando 1 Shop is composed of personal ships, miners and hype ships made by the first waves of alpha testers. Non faction affiliated shop.
Type: large player ship shop
Maintained by: Precorus

List of Rando 1 ships
# Image Ship Name Creator Assembly Cost Description
Rando1 kushtaka.jpg

Heretic 1.4m The Kushtaka is a heavy fighter equipped with three auto aiming and triangulating guns, two reactors and two propellant tanks with doors for each one, and control information systems.
Rando1 snowflake.jpg

Personal ship
Lukaszlutek 15.000 Small ship to get around, can carry up to 5 passengers.
Rando1 firefly.jpg

Personal ship
Moonset 20.000 The Firefly made by Moonset is a small personal and multi-functional transport ship. Useful for example: scout snub, search and rescue missions.
Rando1 hedgehog.jpg

Mule - The four twin laser cannons, two layers of armor, reinforced beam structure makes this craft a formidable opponent on the battlefield.
The Manta-DC

2m - The Manta DC is the hauler to haul them all. This ship features 600 ore containers, a 150 m/s unloaded top speed and ~130 m/s fully loaded, a 6.5 hours of runtime with extra fuel rods for extended idling, four ore collectors, a slim profile for cruising through the belt and for easy repairing, the ISAN Quad navigation system, and a notification alarm when propellant reserves drop to 50%. This ship perfect for those deep space group mining expeditions.
Torpedo MKII

- - With 160 crates and 58 box thrusters, and two mining lasers, this is a truly fast mining ship, which also could be used as a hauler. It has a rangefinder and an ore scanner on the front, which makes approaching roids nice and easy. It has 32 small containers. Four generator chambers are fueling the 24 T2 generator units. This will make more than enough energy for the mining lasers and the fast travel core.
Rando1 demetrios.jpg

Black 0,8m Mining hauler for a crew of up to six endos, multiple Resource bridses on the outer hull of the ship. The ship also has a hidden railgun. WARNING: As of now, the sheep needs ores which are not minable(ilmarium, targium)!
Rando1 magni.jpg

Lingon - This is an adept asteroid hauler ship that has a fully fledged GPS, a speedometer, a flight time calculator and switchable throttle styles.

Personal Transport
Stone - A personal shuttle for flying short to medium distances. No special features. Can fly.
13 Cicada.png

Personal Transport
? 30.000 The Cicada is a small, cheap and nimble transport for one endo. It is equipped with all the essentials, including a Resource Bridge, the ISAN Mono navigation system, and a YOLOL efficiency script. The ship also has two small propellant tanks, four triangle thrusters and 13 maneuver thrusters. This ship is intended for endos looking for a cheap throwaway transport for getting from point A to point B.

Personal Transport
? 0,03m The Breaker is a simple and disposable utility vessel made to transport endos between ships. The tactically placed array of fuel tanks and batteries will inspire pilots to find ways into enemy ships, or to make the way if necessary. The ship has a flight time of at least 3-4 hours, high speed and good maneuverability, while at the same time it offers protection for the vital components to ensure the pilot is not forced to leave his seat prematurely.
Rando1 aphelios.jpg

Tgess ? Short range miner. Thanks to the armor, it can withstand smaller bumps into asteroids, altough you shouldn't rely on it too much.
Rando1 turtle.jpg

Troop Ship
Nedos ? The Turtle is a small ship that can be used as a landing and boarding vehicle. Although small in size, the ship has 12 extendable seats in it. When under fire, the seats can be collapsed with endoskeletons in them to store them safely in the hull of the ship.
Rando1 vasamadx.jpg

Personal ship
Lukas 30.000 he VasamaDX is a modification of the original Vasama. The added features include a generator, a cargo lock frame, a Main Flight Computer and a Flight Control Unit, two passenger seats and the ISAN navigation system.
Rando1 sprite.jpg

Personal ship
Manduini 30.000 Small, affordable personal craft designed for short-range travel on stations or in cities. It is highly customizable, encouraging the owner to add their own flair to their ship.
Rando1 glacier.jpg
Glacier AH-06

LukaszLutek - The Glacier is an asteroid hauler. It is equipped with six cargo lock beams, three mining lasers, decent six-directional maneuvering thrust and various YOLOL features for improving the maneuverability, navigation and safety of the ship.
Rando1 cyclops.jpg
The Cyclops

Meboy - The Cyclops is a cargo ship equipped with collision avoidance and navigation systems, a cargo lock frame and 170 crates.
Rando1 colossus.jpg

Jimmy - The Colossus is a ship for those with a strong passion for mining, or for individuals who simply dislike asteroids. This ship is equipped with 24 mining lasers, capable of obliterating even the largest asteroids in mere moments. This is intended to be used with large haulers.
Circular Dream

Cubemaster 1m The 12 mining lasers make sure any asteroid disappers in mere seconds, even if you only looked on them. For maximum cost-efficiency, it combines T1 and T2 generatorsand it also has 255 ore containers and three medium propellant tanks. The inside is hollow, so you can fit crafting tables and a warp core, should you decide so.

Cubemaster 1m The Andromeda is a medium sized explorer equipped with mining tools such as a mining laser, two ore collectors and 36 ore crates. All of the devices and machinery can be controlled from the comfort of the pilot seat. This capable ship is also equipped with heavy weapons including an autocannon and two laser cannons which should get you out of the stickiest situations. The Andromeda also boasts one of the largest headlights in the system that will light up the darkest corners of space. Want to keep your eye on the enemy at all times? No worries! With the 180+ degrees viewing angle from the command deck tracking your target has never been easier! This compact luxury explorer is everything you've ever wanted and everything you'll ever need. Creator: Maximiliaan

Skill Level: Starter

23 Robotnik.png

Station constructor
? 0,2m The Robotnik is a small station construction ship intended for building the Station Foundation module. The ship has a mining laser, 16 ore crates, two flat surfaces for attaching parts like station lamps, two 3D printers and 16 spare fuel rods. The ship's manual chip contains more information on controls and features.
24 Enceladus.png

Personal Transport
? - A small prototype fighter with decent armor plating, equipped with four laser cannons. Made for civilian use. The Enceladus trades super high speed for steady aiming and ease of piloting. The ship can travel around 300km without needing to refill.
25 Spirit.png

Personal Transport
Kryostahl 40.000 Small ship for gettion around. It has a generator unit, and a resource bridge for resupplying. Also comes in a neat black color.
Rando1 chalcosoma.jpg

Quevin - The is a cargo ship named after one of the largest rhinoceros beetles. The ship has a unique tri shape design for transporting asteroids and other ships.
PT.1.0 "Endorer" Standard

Personal Transport
? 90.000 Ship type: passenger hauler

Thruster type and amount: 4 T1 box thrusters Fuel chambers: 1 T1 fuel chamber Propellant tanks and fuel rods: 1 big propellant tank, no spare fuel rods Generators and batteries: Three T1 generators, three batteries Navigation systems: ISAN v2 MONO Armaments: Two spare utility hardpoints Other features: - Flight time calculator - Central lock system (for side doors) - 12 passenger seats - Refined Charodium armor Skill Level: Starter

PT.1.0 "Endorer" Standard

Personal Transport
? 80.000 The Supernova is a craft built with speed and maneuverability in mind, a capable scout ship and a reliable personal transport. The ship includes an expandable bank of batteries and easily accessible Resource Bridge directly below the pilot chair.

Rando Ship Shop 2


Rando 2 Shop mainly contains submitted fighters, miners and transports from many skilled ship builders. Non faction affiliated shop.
Type: large player ship shop
Maintained by:

List of Rando 2 ships
# Image Ship Name Creator Cost Description
Rando2 clownfish.jpg

PandaPants200 4.1mil The Clownfish by PandaPants200 is an agile luxury transport ship. With a maximum velocity close to the speed cap, plenty of fuel and propellant, resource bridges for easy refilling, hatch access to the fuel rods, fuel rod backups and the generator, the Clownfish can get you to your destination in good time. For ease of use, the Clownfish also sports a YS.Pos navigation system by Senkii, a LEFT resource tracker by Lunar Industries, turtle mode, cruise control, CloseAll doors -button, navigation lights, and not to mention a classy paint job fit for its name.This ship is an advanced starter level ship.
Rando2 voxelwing.jpg

Odik 6,8mil The VoxelWing created by Odik is a small fast fighter, useful in fights against large ships and dogfights, for example.The VoxelWing is a starter level ship.
Rando2 donnager.jpg

cwtheking 17.9mil The Donnager made by cwtheking is a multirole ship designed primarily for cargo and salvaging missions. The ship has a tractor beam in the back for towing smaller ships and a small on-board Cargo Lock Frame, making it an ideal salvage ship.The Donnager is an advanced starter level ship.
Rando2 tadpole.jpg

Heretic 30.8mil The Tadpole by Heretic is a heavy miner with 216 crates and many advanced features. The features include point-and-fire dynamically converging lasers, an advanced Flight Control Unit for strafing, enough fuel to get to any reasonable part of the belt, an open canopy for fantastic field of view, and the ISAN navigational system. This ship has the potential to mine out the cores of asteroids with little to no Agitite / Valkite, removing the need for a pickaxe and making mining a much easier process all around.The Tadpole is an intermediate level ship.
Rando2 manticore.jpg

Heretic 39.8mil The Manticore made by Heretic is a line frigate, designed to be a powerful threat on the battlefield. The Manticore is equipped with a tactical front shield that is capable of stopping an enormous amount of damage. Its other features include: 20 plasma cannons that can fire in bursts of four at 125 rpm for 2 minutes 30 seconds before the batteries need recharging (recharge time 45 seconds), eight reverse thrusters to ensure that the enemy is always in front of the ship, 4-6 layers of armor in the shield, a fancy crown on the top and bottom of the ship to create an intimidating effect and a hangar and cargo bay for transporting a micro fighter or extra cargo.The Manticore is an intermediate level ship.
Rando2 Eclipse-CT MK-002.jpg
TAC Eclipse-CT MK-002

Kaper-Game 60mil Been looking for the money making machine? The apex ore extractor? The ship for the task? Well look no further. This beast with 280 cargo crates combined with a smart mining system will excavate space rocks in no time! Big or small, doesn’t matter. It is fitted with an unique SCRAM-system that encrypts the coordinates only readable by another SCRAM with the right code in it safeguarding you from coordinate leaks. The Eclipse also has an extremely good maneuvrability for its size, it even out-turns fighters! Due to its huge size it can tank large amounts of damage due to its size and armor. The Eclipse is an intermediate level ship.
Rando2 corsair.jpg

Starmarine 16mil The GNV Corsair created by Starmarine is a two-person mining ship with 60 mining crates, a plasma cannon for rupturing asteroids, easy access to the main cables and wires, mining lights, as well as extra storage for fuel cells and a backup battery bank. The GNV Corsair is equipped with the latest ISAN Mono script and also contains custom scripts for lighting, cockpit displays and an economy mode. This ship is the perfect mid tier solo/duo mining ship at a great price! Thanks to Tacticalpenguin for help with quality testing. The GDYV Corsair is included in the intermediate level ships.
Tadpole MK.1.jpg
Tadpole MK.1

6.6mil The Tadpole Mk.1 is a beginner level fighter.
Rando2 Barracuda S.1A.jpg
Barracuda S.1A

Quasar Systems 4.2mil The Barracuda S.1A is the latest civilian-accessible combat ship from the Quasar Systems. This microfighter is designed with ease of access in mind, with minimal controls to learn and a cheap composition! It includes a dual barrel laser cannon for attacking ships of similar size or strength and a missile launcher to give the fighter a chance against bigger brethren. The Barracuda S.1A has a hull made mostly of bastium, with some aegisium and merkerium in tactical spots, to keep the ship nimble and fast. The Barracuda is also equipped with YOLOL racks for customization of the ship. The racks are located below the propellant tanks and the transponder that can be toggled. The Barracuda is an advanced starter level fighter.
Rando2 wakahinu.jpg
Waka Hinu

mrfotnz 18.1mil Waka Hinu, created by mrfotnz is a small fuel tanker with 32 medium fuel tanks, designed to be a little extra support during mining trips incase things don't go as planned. Waka Hinu is also equipped with 4 laser cannons to assist in combat if needed.
Rando2 taniwha.jpg

mrfotnz 80.7mil The Taniwha is a battle cruiser built by mrfotnz. The ship is equipped with five autocannon turrets and one rail turret. The Taniwha also includes a reconstruction machine and warning signal functions. There are two warning signals: Red, for when under attack, and Yellow to signal you need to stay alert. The ship commander also has the ability to send messages throughout the ship by typing in a YOLOL chip.The Taniwha is an advanced starter level ship.
Rando2 inanis.jpg
Inanis Venari

Heavy Fighter
DeltaEon 24.2mil The Inanis Venari is a heavy fighter and gunship whose Latin name translates roughly as "Void Hunt". With 8 laser cannons, the Inanis Venari is designed to combat larger vessels. The ship is equipped with the ISAN navigation system, along with custom add-ons for ease of use and for masking the ship's current coordinates. The generators and emergency reserve propellant in the ship are automated by YOLOL scripts. The ship also has a special "Combat" button in the cockpit that overrides the generator output to 100% when the situation calls for it. All other devices in the ship that require maintenance are accessible without having to remove any plating and hidden bolting has been kept to an absolute minimum in the ship's design.
Rando pending.jpg

Tao 7.7mil The Warbler is a very fast and agile personal transport and scouting ship. Its small, light frame and long flight time allow it to travel long distances quickly in the asteroid field. The ship also comes with a backup computer that might come handy in case of possible asteroid collisions. As for features, the ship is equipped with the ISAN MONO, a wide field of view, room for passengers if needed, and crazy maneuvering sensitivity (the pitch, yaw and roll can be increaced massively). This ship was created by Tao, and tested by Barkhan.
Rando pending.jpg
MF124 "Striker" V1.1.2

4mil The MF124 "Striker" V1.1.2 is a light and modular fighter design.
Rando2 Bumblebee.jpg

14.8mil The Bumblebee is a small station miner equipped with 42 Crates. The ship has three lasers controlled by a script for targeting them. It is recommended to mine an asteroid by rotating your ship and changing the targeting distance of the lasers. The Bumblebee is an advanced starter level ship.
Rando2 starfire.jpg

Stackoverflow 4.5mil The Starfire made by Stackoverflow is a mid-range, cost effective fighter-bomber pirate ship with seats for two. The Starfire was designed in June 2020 by a design team headed by Stackoverflow of Zero in response to requests from the Zero Community. The ship is equipped with two fuel rods, one small tank, three small weapon mounts, two large weapon mounts, one autocannon and the ISAN navigation system. The Starfire an advanced starter level ship.
Rando pending.jpg
Wolverine - Plas

Quasar Systems 11.5mil Refurbished from the early tournament days, the Quasar Systems Wolverine is a reliable, flexible light brawling fighter with a suite of standard quality of life features for combat pilots. Its unusually high strafing capacity makes it ideal for maneuvering around stations and asteroid belts- though its lower top speed makes it better for fighting in an area than covering distance. This version of the Wolverine is equipped with 4x Plasma Throwers, and has extra hardpoints to support additional weapons and a secondary firegroup (Fire2). Flight time: 0.9 Hours (Prop) 4.5 Hours (Fuel) Top Speed: ~130 m/s Core Features: ISAN Mono, Control Sensitivity, AIM mode, SLOW mode, Transponder Pings
Rando pending.jpg
Wolverine - AC

Quasar Systems 10.8mil Refurbished from the early tournament days, the Quasar Systems Wolverine is a reliable, flexible and light brawling fighter with a suite of standard quality of life features for combat pilots. Its unusually high strafing capacity makes it ideal for maneuvering around stations and asteroid belts, though its lower top speed makes it better for fighting in a set area than covering distances. This version of the Wolverine is equipped with four autocannons and it has extra hardpoints to support additional weapons and a secondary fire group (Fire2). Flight time: 0.9 Hours (Propellant), 4.5 Hours (Fuel), top speed: ~130 m/s. The core features include: ISAN Mono navigation system, Control Sensitivity, AIM mode, SLOW mode and Transponder Ping.
Rando pending.jpg
Wolverine - Las

Quasar Systems 10.8mil Refurbished from the early tournament days, the Quasar Systems Wolverine is a reliable, flexible and light brawling fighter with a suite of standard quality of life features for combat pilots. Its unusual strafing capabilities make it ideal for maneuvering around stations and asteroid belts, although its lower top speed makes it better for fighting in a set area rather than covering distances. This version of the Wolverine is equipped with four lasers and it has extra hardpoints to support additional weapons and a secondary fire group (Fire2). Flight time: 0.9 Hours (Propellant), 4.5 Hours (Fuel), top speed: ~130 m/s. The core features include: the ISAN Mono navigation system,, Control Sensitivity, AIM mode, SLOW mode and Transponder ping.
Rando pending.jpg
Line Rider

16.7mil The Line Rider is a long range mining and exploration ship. Due to the large amounts of fuel on board, it can also be used for refilling duties. Features: - Fully autonomous avoidance system (e.g. stop-strafe, avoid-go) - 54 ore crates - Material Point Scanner (asteroid scanner) - Ship Diagnostic Scanner + ship durability warning system - ISAN MONO navigation system + Ship Transponder - Propellant: one Large tank, 12 Medium tanks, 12 Small tanks, 16 spare fuel rods - 48 Batteries, 4 x 3/1 fuel chamber/ generator setup + power management script.

Rando Ship Shop 3


Rando 3 Shop has all sorts of ship types with majority of vessels comming styled in red and black color combinations. Non faction affiliated shop.
Type: large player ship shop
Maintained by: AweBob

List of Rando 3 ships
# Image Ship Name Creator Cost Description
Rando3 workerant.jpg
Worker Ant

Moonset 3.9mil This ship is offering 32 cargo crates at an affordable price. The Worker Ant is a reasonably fast and long range ship due to its 8 triangle thrusters and 5 propellant tanks. Additional features include generator script, cruise control, turtle mode and precision aiming mode.
Rando3 whisp.jpg

Personal Ship
Heretic 0.9mil A luxury single person transport ship for travelling from station to station with unusual design and shifted center of thrust. Equipped with a generator, lighting, cruise-mode and propellant refilling capabilities.
Rando3 nusa.jpg

Personal Ship
Mito 1.5mil Minimalist single personal transport chuttle meant for endurance, maneuverability, and ease of control.
Rando3 gourami.jpg

Personal Ship
Dukeironhelm 3.3mil A small and fast personal transport ship, equipped with full GPS navigation and it has a flight range of 1900 kilometers.
Rando3 xball.jpg

Hype Ship
Huangdispatuli 1.6mil This ship is purely made for fun. It can spin extremely fast on all axis and it has a decent forward speed. It also has all the necessary controls for flying. The ship has no refilling possibilities.
Rando3 badger.jpg
Chemosh Badger-28

Miner / Freighter
Missir, Goodpraxice and Okim 6mil A dedicated small ore hauler/miner for a team of one or two equipped with 28 ore containers and able to carry about 30 ore cubes on the frame that need to be bolted manually. The ISAN Mono Navigation system is included in the ship as a default.
Rando3 nymphtandem.jpg
Nymph Tandem

Miner / Freghter
Meboy 7.6mil A 24-crate miner that acts as a direct upgrade to the original Nymph. The ship has a full ISAN navigation suite with ISAN Quad, Velocity, ORN, and WNS and flies at ~120 m/s when unloaded. The ship can support additional bolted ore cubes on the frame.
Rando3 swine.jpg

Police Cutter
Kodey 7.7mil Slim enforcer vehicle armed with a single railcannon. Has several small independent cargo holds two of which are composed of micro Cargo Lock Frames. Comes with a cute pink pig (or dog?) companion figurine in cockpit.
Rando3 harpy.jpg

Kodey Unavailable An anti-infantry ship that comes equipped with four fixed autocannons as well as laser and plasma cannons on a controllable turret cradle that can be aimed using the reticle. Last but not least, the most important feature: the rotors move.
Rando3 vidar.jpg

Generalsyb 11.1mil A combat-proven medium fighter. Despite its low price, the Vidar is a versatile ship; it can fly fast, it is accurate and has a very long flight time. For a medium fighter the Vidar also has durable armour around the critical spots, making it a tough nut to crack.
Rando3 racer.jpg

Trewi 3.5mil A small fighter that can be transformed, fittingly, into a racer ship. The ship has an industrial design with exposed beams and two autocannons. The Racer is extremely agile, especially if the lever movement speed is increased. Runs on 12 batteries.
Rando3 vigo.jpg

Bolt-to Freighter
Apc and Okim 1.7mil A mining ship that can carry 24 ore cubes, or up to 36 cubes with the risk of increased stress on the ship's frame. The ore cubes need to be bolted to its outer frame, thus making the loading process a bit laborious. The Vigocan move up to 139 m/s empty and has ISAN Mono.
Rando3 croc.jpg

Subaru and Perry 75.3mil Large asteroid miner equipped with 192 crates, a 10x mining laser array with a simplified mining YOLOL script and a navigation system. The Croc is also fully aegisium-plated to ensure corrosion resistance.
Rando3 arkI.jpg
Chemosh Ark I

Messir 24.9mil A moderate speed, 'moonshot' type of ship, that can easily reach the moon closest to Eos, and will still have some spare fuel for sightseeing. The ship is equipped with the ISAN Quad navigation system, full propellant and generator rate control.
Rando3 nymph.jpg

Meboy 4.7mil A small 12-crate hauler, equipped with the ISAN Mono navigation system and a rangefinder to help with positioning the ship around asteroids. The Nymph is designed to look sleek and can reach the maximum speed limit. Rangefinder may be replaced with a resource bridge.
Rando3 koios.jpg
Koios Transferens

Miner / Freighter
Fatfly 17.5mil A small and fast mining ship with a maximum speed of 90 m/s. It is equipped with 100 cargo containers, two side cargo lock beams and three cargo lock frames. The ISAN quad navigation system is included in the ship!
Rando3 martok.jpg
The Martok

Kohmelo 6.3mil This beginner fighter has a max speed of approximately 120 m/s and comes equipped with three autocannons and a tractor beam. Has a basic ISAN navigation script along with automatic generator management and velocity.
Rando3 apito.jpg

Salvage / Freigher (Crates + CLB)
Subaru 10.9mil A small salvaging ship, equipped with eight Cargo Lock Beam arrays, three Cargo Lock Frames, a navigation system and a receiver for setting a course. The ship also has a warning alarm for low propellant reserves and a fully plated, corrosion resistant hull.
Rando3 elyune.jpg

Personal Ship
Subaru 4.4mil A personal transport ship with flight time of approximately 7.25h. Can switch between a position system and a standard receiver setup navigation system to get a heading. The Elyune is also completely plated with Arkanium to make it lighter.
Rando3 akimbo1.jpg
Akimbo 1

Boneloid 12.5mil A small fighter with two separate sections in the ship that enable full functionality even if one side of the ship gets damaged. Ship has long-range railguns complimented by two autocannons for short-range defensive encounters.

Rando Ship Shop 4


Rando 4 Shop contains the most recent of all the submissions made by players. Many of them belong to Vintage Inc. Hardware and Quasar System corps.
Type: large player ship shop
Maintained by:

List of Rando 4 ships
# Image Ship Name Creator Cost Description
Rando pending.jpg

Medium fighter
Xantex 18mil The Sparkbolt made by Xantex is a medium sized fighter equipped with four laser cannons and plasma throwers, all configured for an alternating burst fire system. The ship also has a small troop compartment for four endos on the bottom of the ship, but the compartment can be refitted to hold fuel rods to enable longer flight times. The Sparkbolt is also equipped with basic ISAN navigation system and a transponder. Additional note: doing pitching and yawing increases the ship's recharge rate and the lasers use no heat.
Rando4 tetracore.jpg

Xantex 4mil A small, basic and maneuverable fighter equipped with two lasers cannons. For those loving to fight or pirate in style!
Rando4 aura6.jpg

Starter Ship
Tatakai 2mil A simple starter ship that has all of the essentials: six ore crates and the possibility to bolt 18 ore stacks to the top and bottom sides. The ship also features the complete ISAN Quad navigation system and spare slots for adding your own YOLOL scripts.
Rando4 firefly.jpg
Firefly R

Personal Ship
MoonSet 2mil The Firefly R by MoonSet is a sportier version of the Firefly, featuring double the forward thrust and a sports mode that allows tighter cornering. This ship can also easily reach a speed of 150 m/s. The pilot can select from two different turning speeds, one preset and one customizable by a lever. The boost mode offers even more thrust for acceleration. Speed and handling aside, the Firefly R is also an excellent choice for a personal transport shuttle due to its improved range and the ISAN navigation system. The Firefly R has three small propellant tanks, triple the amount of the base model.
Rando4 q52.jpg

Exploration Ship
Jose 5mil The Q52 is designed by José for general leisure and racing. This is a hot rod with two autocannons, long range and sensitive steering.
Rando4 Wolf-2540-2.jpg

Space Sub
Kodey 51mil "A boat for the modern endoskeleton war navy, the W-2540 is a perfect, stealthy convoy-killer. With four missiles ready for launch and twelve more on stand-by, these homing menances can obliterate any convoy. Included in its armament are the bow/stern autocannon turret and the main railgun deck gun. The W-2540 comes armored entirely in oninum and merkium beams, enabling a speed of 130 knots. Being a modern boat, the W-2540 also comes with the ISAN Quad navigation system and the latest add ons, and two generator efficiency stations. Lead your navy into the hornet's nest or the war will come to you."
Rando pending.jpg


Vintage Inc. hardware
5mil The Arrowhead made by Balto, originally a fighter design, is a fast and nimble ship, now modified to be used purely for transportation. The ship has enough propellant to last 18 hours in full thrust, and its fuel reserves will last for six hours. The ship has a maximum speed of 100 m/s. The Arrowhead has an access hatch to the back of the ship in between the thrusters, allowing for easy access to the fuel rods, the Main Flight Computer, the Flight Control Unit, and the two YOLOL racks on board. The cooling board can be accessed from the cockpit when the cockpit is open.
Rando4 monarch.jpg
Monarch Luxury Transport

Passenger Ship
User 5.6mil A ship designed for transporting endos and doing it in style. The ship features six passenger seats, the ISAN Quad navigation system with velocity, the WNS, and UOC addons and a hidden engineering room in the back of the passenger cabin.
Rando4 draco.jpg

Luxury Ship
Dukeironhelm 13.8mil A fast, capable and stylish space yacht. Equipped with a QUAD receiver GPS and navigation system, Draco will get you exactly where you want to be, as fast as you can get there. Ship is also equipped with a small hidden area for valuables, and of course, with a disco mode.
Rando4 longhorn.jpg

Unknown 24mil A mining ship equipped with 123 ore containers, the ISAN navigation system, turtle mode and eight triangle thrusters that enable strafing in every direction, making the Longhorn incredibly agile despite its size.
Rando4 termite.jpg

DivineEvil 12mil A fast and nimble medium mining ship for individual pilots. Equipped with 60 ore crates, two Resource Bridges and an Ore Collector. The ship also has two hardpoints for installing Mining Lasers to and an ample battery capacity for using them in short bursts.
Rando4 belka.jpg
GK-40 "Belka"

ARGENT 7mil This mining ship has 40 ore containers and moves at a speed of 150 m/s empty and down to 70 m/s loaded. The bow of the ship has an empty space that can be used to install offensive weapons or laser drills to and frame can hold additional containers easily. Has ISAN.

Vintage Ship Shop

Vintage icon 512.png

This shop contains ships designed by Vintage Inc that focus primarily on utility first and foremost, but with a sprinkling of style on top!
Type: large player ship shop
Maintained by: Mutleyx

List of Vintage ships
Image Ship Name Creator Description
VintageShop Mosquito.png

Personal Transport
Mutleyx The Mosquito is a classic, minimalist, personal transport ship. An old design that has been updated and refined over time. No modern navigation aids are included, so pilots should enure they know where they are going before setting out!
VintageShop Bumble.png

Mutleyx The Bumble is a shuttle, comfortably seating three, designed solely for getting people where they need to be swiftly and with style. It is fast, maneuverable and features a hover mode with pilot controllable height, for flamboyant landings, or simply joyriding along suitable surfaces.
VintageShop Buzzard.png

Mutleyx The Buzzard is a fast, well appointed mining vessel. It has pilot, engineering and navigations stations on the bridge, all with easy reach of a solo pilot. Its features include quad mining lasers, twin collectors, material scanner, auto-approach, ISAN, plus target station radar and auto-pilot. Note that there is no auto-avoidance system, so auto-pilot should only be used in suitably safe zones. 300 ore crate capacity by default with plenty of unused space for aftermarket additions.
VintageShop TridentScooter.png
Trident Scooter

Marki A fast and agile scout ship, scooter and personal transport. The ship features the ISAN Mono navigation system, a Ship Transponder, two small fuel tanks, 3/1 generator-fuel chamber setup and six batteries.
VintageShop TridentT1.png
Trident T1

Small Miner
Marki A stylish mining ship with very responsive controls and good maneuverability. The Trident features 50 ore crates, 12 batteries, 2x 2/1 generator-fuel chamber setup, two mid-sized fuel tanks, the ISAN Mono navigation system and a Ship Transponder.
VintageShop TridentT2.png
Trident T2

Medium Miner
Marki This ship is intended for short to mid range asteroid searching, for a group of up to three endoskeletons. The ship features 136 ore crates, 60 batteries, 4x 2/1 generator-fuel chamber setup, two large propellant tanks. Has ISAN Mono.
VintageShop TridentT3.png
Trident T3

Large Miner
Marki A third variant from the great Trident ship series equipped with 250 crates, 108 batteries, 10x 3/1 generator/fuel chamber and reactor setup, ten Tier 2 enhancers, four large propellant tanks, four mining lasers, two ore collectors and small cargo lock frame for optional ore scouting.
VintageShop TridentT4.png
Trident T4

Large Miner
Marki Based on the popular Trident T3 ship design, the T4 has the same specifications, with the exception of a doubled ore cargo hold (500 crates), doubled thruster count and four ore collectors. In addition, the Cargo Lock Frame has been removed from the ship. This ship also has a durability warning tool that signals the user when the durability is compromised, and what do when that happens.
VintageShop LineRider.png
Line Rider

Long range miner
Marki The Line Rider is a long range mining and exploration ship. Due to the large amounts of fuel on board it can also be used for refilling duties. Features: - Fully autonomous avoidance system (e.g. stop-strafe, avoid-go) - 54 ore crates - Material Point Scanner (asteroid scanner) - Ship Diagnostic Scanner + ship durability warning system - ISAN MONO navigation system + Ship Transponder - Propellant: one Large tank, 12 Medium tanks, 12 Small tanks, 16 spare fuel rods - 48 Batteries, 4x 3/1 fuel chamber/generator setup + power management script.
VintageShop Keg.png

Resupply ship
Mutleyx The Keg is a resupply ship, with 28 spare small rods and 24 medium gas tanks, plus reserve tanks for its own flight.
VintageShop Trifin.png

Medium Miner
Mutleyx The TriFin is a small-to-medium sized mining ship, fitted with 54 cargo crates and twin pulse mining lasers for fast, efficient mining. Be aware that endos with any form of epilepsy should avoid using this ship.
VintageShop Dragonfly2.png
The Dragonfly

Medium Miner
Mutleyx A large mining vessel with an ore crate capacity of 100. The ship is fitted with twin mining lasers that have an optional YOLOL-controlled and adjustable sweep pattern and twin ore collectors, so the ship does most of the work for you!
VintageShop Talon2.png

Asteroid Hauler
Mutleyx The Talon is no longer available :(

The Talon is an asteroid hauler capable of dealing with small and medium sized rocks. Its cargo lock beams are configured in two individually controlled sets and powered by twin generators. YOLOL triggers a warning on the bridge if power use reaches levels where the beam operation failure is a possibility. Generator output can be manually overridden by pilot if desired. Pilots should ensure power generation is adequate before attempting to haul cargo.

VintageShop Starbream.png

Miner / Freighter
Mutleyx A 374 ore crates freighter suitable for both trading and mining use. Its long, tall and thin body shape in addition to rangefinders makes it relatively easy to navigate the asteroid field. Its powerful thrusters give it a respectable speed, even when fully laden.
VintageShop StarbreamCLF.png

Part Transport
Mutleyx This version of the StarBream is designed for station part transportation. With 10 individually controllable cargo-lock-frames, 2 long and 8 square, you can load up what you need and take it where it needs to be.
VintageShop Rockhopper.png
Rocker Hopper

Beginner miner
Mutleyx The Rockhopper is an entry level mining vessel. It is suitable for Endos that are just at the beginning of their journey into the asteroid belt that need something small and affordable. The ship's features include; twin box trusters for a reasonable speed, open cockpit for easy access and great field of view, simple controls with nimble handling and YOLOL controlled power management systems.
VintageShop ChessInSpace2.png
Chess in Space

FlufferNutters Want to get a break from the troubles and stress of space? Come and play a relaxing game of chess within the endless expanse of space! Includes omni-directional controls so you can take your chess set anywhere!
VintageShop 10FlyingArrow2.png
10 Flying Arrow...

Barkhan 10 Flying Arrow Stains The Sky Black

This is a ship for eating smaller, faster things alive. It has 12 teeth, less like fangs and more like the molars of the hippo. This furball is death delivered quickly, so it's better to steer clear. All things are relative: The point you must aim is not where they're going in the world but where they're going on your screen. Hold it down, sweep that space once, release. Watch the tracers, in front or behind? Behind is too far, in front is not far enough. You cannot see the space beneath your nose; the target must always come down or from the side, never from above. You will die. We go again. This is an advanced-level ship, and a starter combat ship.

VintageShop 16RedChains.png
16 Red Chains...

Barkhan 16 Red Chains Pulled by the Hands of Friends

This ship is not able to deal a thousand blows, or to take them, but it does have the ability ro strike suddenly, screaming without warning from the heavens and then getting away before its target can even find its aim. This tactic is old, first given name by the hotshot pilots of yore: "Boom and Zoom." 16 Red Chains Pulled by the Hands of Friends features four autocannons, a standard 3:1 fuel chamber setup, an ISAN navigation system for extended missions and a precision aiming mode, that can be activated from a button on the lower console. PLEASE NOTE: The aim point fo the sights is well above the traditional position for a better view of the target.

VintageShop 19GodGives.png
19 God Gives...

Barkhan 19 God Gives the Nuts but Does Not Crack them

Read the manual or accomplish nothing. This is not an honourable ship. If you joust, face your enemy, or do anything expect run from your pursuers, you will die. Do not fight ships your size, only larger. This is not an easy ship to use; the non-standard bindings are mandatory and the procedures will keep you alive. All is explained in the manual.

This ship's got two rail cannons and little else. The 19 specializes in the "boom and zoom" tactic like its parent ship, the 16. Find a target, dive at them, and then pass them by. Outrun anything that chases you. Light fighters are your worst enemy, and if they can keep up, you're already dead. THE AIM POINT IS UNUSUAL IN THIS SHIP, it is between the upper prongs of the sight, not at the tip of the post. THIS SHIP HAS A SEMI-AUTOMATIC SYSTEM: Operating details are described in the manual.

VintageShop Myrmidon.png

Snoble This relatively inexpensive ship is an escort and interceptor fighter built to work alongside larger ships or other fighters and it can also patrol known routes effectively. The Myrmidon's profile shape attempts to direct damage to the rear of the ship and to its armored nose. The ship has QUAD plasma throwers programmed to fire an alternating volley with the dual cannons. The ship does not have a navigation system and only has a single fuel rod, so it's best to patrol familiar locations or have resupplies nearby. However, the Myrmidon does make up for this with its 12 thrusters, eight of which are armored by the guiding fins. The ship has a sight that makes target acquisition easier and critical systems are protected from small to moderate fire by aegisium plating.

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