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Ithaca IV Cover.png
The Ithaca IV
Class and type: Civilian Transport
Name: Ithaca
General characteristics
Class and type: Merchant
Type: Merchantman
Tonnage: 789,157,924 voxels (net)
Length: 36.36 meters
Beam: 22.08 meters
Height: 10.16 meters
Decks: 3
Installed power: 14 generators
Propulsion: 9.35 million thrust
Speed: Slow (tbd)
Range: 177.2 minutes (est)
Crew: 1 pilot + 1 copilot
Sensors and
processing systems:
2 bottom-facing range finders, 1 receiver
Propellant: 33,000,000 units

Ithaca is a class of light to medium-tonnage civilian transport ships.

Ship description

The Ithaca is a class of medium-tonnage civilian transport ships, with ample space on-board for user modification. Though unarmed and relatively unarmored, the Ithaca-class are capable of withstanding an appreciable amount of damage thanks to overlapping hull segments.


The Ithaca IV was first revealed in the Starbase announcement trailer, where it was noted for its unusual main thruster array. Since its reveal, the Ithaca has undergone four iterations, leading to the IV designation; its most recent variant now bears the designation, "IC-03".


  • Ithaca I: A cut-down variant of the Ithaca, with storage space and flight deck removed.
  • Ithaca IV: A full featured variant of the Ithaca, with storage space and flight deck.


  • The Ithaca is one of the few ships available for purchase at every major station.


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