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Quasar Systems

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Quasar Systems
Leader Combustible
Founders Combustible KiwiAviation
General Managers KiwiAviation, Mrchip
Production Manager Vigilance
Industry Manager Athen
External Relations Manager Dageran
Faction Information
Slogan Your Ticket to the Stars
Official Colors: Purple, white, blue, black
Date of founding: 12th of July, 2019
Discord Link
Foreign Affairs
Allegiance Substrate Member and co-founder of: United Convention of Commerce

Quasar Systems

Quasar Systems is a company focused on design, building and programming ships in Starbase

We aim to provide Starbase citizens with the top of the line, high quality ships and experiences. We sell pre-made ships and do custom orders, modules, code, and refitting and maintenance of ships.

Quasar Systems is the faction for people who want to be part of an active, organized and enjoyable group. We pride ourselves on our welcoming, supportive, and knowledgeable community. We have a significant presence in the current closed alpha, and we are a member of Substrate and the United Convention of Commerce, which will bring you even more benefits and more communities and opportunities that you can opt-in to. We truly have a love for our craft and we hope that you could join us in it. To join the company, join our discord server and select the "Recruit" role.

The company has no requirements for joining other than a good attitude and not being a member of a spy faction/enemy faction of groups we are a member of, or a group that has attacked us recently. We allow being a member of another faction, besides the previously mentioned requirements. However, you will have limited access to the company channels and benefits for security and better use of supplies, respectively. If you are constantly disruptive, you may be removed from the company.

Quasar Systems is broken down into Divisions with each division led by a Division Manager. These positions are not permanent and you could be promoted if you are very active and dedicated to the community!

Notable achievements

Quasar Systems has produced many famed ships, including the Empire's Hoplon and Taurus, and Substrate's Geophage and Dust Dragon. We have worked with Collective to create the Mongoose and Glaive, famed fighters of Substrate.

Contact Information

Our primary communications platform is our Discord server.

Join now at

You can also contact the leader on Discord at Combustible#9995

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