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Substrate Logo
Type Alliance
Taxes None
Joining Approved by Cores and Lower Council
Alliance Information
Date of founding: November 7, 2020
Member count 1736
Discord link

Substrate is a player alliance.


  • Surviving against other mega groups.
  • Create prosperity and growth.
  • Maintaining free travel and order in alliance space.
  • Uniting members with a sense of community.
  • Coordinating mega projects.
  • Maintaining maximum autonomy of its members.

Official Documents

Substrate announced its existence publicly on November 7th 2020:

📜 Constitution of Substrate Constitution upon founding


To act as a platform for the factions within it to grow and prosper. It's ideals, as defined in the Constitution, are:

  • Courtesy. Be respectful, civil, and professional.
  • Coexistence. The substrate should coexist with netural parties - it is not a alliance of warmongers.
  • WIP


Alliance Ships

Ships commissioned by Substrate and created by one or multiple member factions. There are over 25 Substrate ships, so this list is incomplete.

Ship Information
Type Drillship
Members: [QS] Dageran
Factions Quasar Systems

Ship Information
Type Light Interceptor
Members: [QS] Dageran, [COL] Hatman
Factions Quasar Systems, Collective

Ship Information
Type Heavy Fighter/Interceptor
Members: [QS] Dageran, [COL] Hatman
Factions Quasar Systems, Collective

Ship Information
Type Medium Interceptor
Members: [COL] Lukas04
Factions Collective

Type Medium Brawler
Members: [QS] Dageran
Factions Quasar Systems

Type Super Long Range Hauler / Excavator
Members: [COL] VentusTraveller
Factions Collective

Dust Dragon
Dust Dragon
Dust Dragon
Type Fleet Support
Members: [QS] Dageran
Factions Quasar Systems

Member Factions

Substrate Members (17)
Faction ~Size Main contribution Join date
Collective 490 Tech, infrastructure, military, logistics 2020/11/02
NOVUS ΛURORΛ 120 Tech, Logistics, Ship design 2020/11/03
Machine 95 Industry, logistics 2020/11/03
Quasar Systems 35 Ship design, logistics, tech 2020/11/04
* Sector 7 2020/11/04
Imperium of Man 50 Military 2020/11/06
The Galactic Federation 50 Military, industry 2020/11/16
The Wake 20 Salvage 2020/11/20
TEST Outfit 200 Military, tech 2020/12/12
United Mole Enterprise 40 Tech 2020/12/12
930 Incorporated 35 Salvage, Fuel, Repair 2020/2/02
Vintage Incorporated 20 Infrastructure, tech, ship design 2021/1/27
Artemis Cargo Corporation 61 Logistics, Mining, Ship Design 2021/2/19
Angels of the Warp 61 Military 2021/03/27
Revival 60 Military 2021/06/30
Windsor 100 Military, Industry, Engineering 2021/07/21
Ordo_Imperialis 15 Military Logistics 2021/08/17
  • Factions marked with * are subsidiaries.

The ideology of Substrate is primarily upheld at the alliance level and don't have to strictly apply to member factions outside of Substrate channels and space.

Leadership Structure


The alliance has a Directorate responsible for command and decision-making. The Directorate is meritocratically appointed to lead specific fields of expertise. As a failsafe mechanism, the upper leadership of Collective (The Cores) has the final say in all matter deemed necessary. The Directorate listens to the Council for ideas and implements the best ones. Major decisions, such as a faction joining or war, go through a council vote. The specific responsibilities of each role is elaborated in the constitution.

Position Appointed Faction
Chief of Staff Cashmere Captain NOVUS ΛURORΛ
C1: Personnel Lingon_ NOVUS ΛURORΛ
C2: Intelligence Blargh Collective
C3: Operations DirtyScoundrel NOVUS ΛURORΛ
C4: Logistics Some1Gee Artemis Cargo Corporation
C5: Planning N/A N/A
C6: Comms & IT🔒 Volcano Collective
C7: Training N/A N/A
C8: Finance🔒 Battle_wrath Collective
C9: Political Liaison N/A N/A
C10: Technology Solonerus Collective
Overseers & Specialists
Position Appointed Faction
C1: Directorate Recruiter N/A N/A
C2: Intel Deputy N/A N/A
C2: Adversary Intel Blue NOVUS ΛURORΛ
C2: Counter-intelligence Zaff Collective
C2: Counter-piracy LemonGrab Collective
C2: Conter-piracy Deputy PandaPants200 The Wake
C2: Agent Handling garageagle Collective
C3: Salvage mrfotnz 930 Incorporated
C3: Mining Araubas Quasar Systems
C3: Counter-piracy Val The Artemis Confederation
C3: Fleet Consultant Combustible Quasar Systems
C3: Doctrine Nelerath Angels of the Warp
C4: Supplies N/A N/A
C4: Construction VentusTraveler Collective
C4: Construction Combustible Quasar Systems
C4: Maintenance SomeoneLucas NOVUS ΛURORΛ
C4: Mining Araubas Quasar Systems
C6: Bots Strikeeaglechase Collective
C7: Doctrine Saltylelele NOVUS ΛURORΛ
C7: Field Training N/A N/A
C8: Loans N/A N/A
C9: Policy N/A N/A
C9: Relations Coordinator IHave Collective
C9: Internal Relations N/A N/A
C9: External Relations N/A N/A
C9: Recruitment Advisor N/A N/A
C10: Design Dageran Quasar Systems
C10: Design Hatman Collective
C10: Documentation Stimpy-66 Collective
C10: Civ Tech Research Aquila Collective
C10: Mil Tech Research g.w.a.c.a. Collective
  • Most of the Directorate roles are to be given outside of Collective. The two roles marked '🔒' will always fall to a highly trusted Collective member for security and consistency purposes.


A place for faction representatives to discuss, provide suggestions and vote on proposals so they're more likely to be considered for implementation. This is not a decision-making body, but a platform for feedback. Just like experience and skills lead in Directorate, best arguments lead in Council, not the size of your faction.

Upper Council
Appointed Faction
Battle_wrath Collective
Firepyro Machine
Combustible Quasar Systems
Kitten Imperium of Man
Revan The Galactic Federation
PandaPants200 The Wake
DirtyScoundrel TEST Outfit
Erwin United Mole Enterprise
Some1Gee Artemis Cargo Corporation
Nelerath Angels of the Warp
Lytsu Revival
Ritual Windsor
Lower Council
Appointed Faction
GluxDesigns Sector 7
Mutleyx Vintage Incorporated
mrfotnz 930 Incorporated
ZatriX Vesitial Industrial Corporation

Associate Board

Associate Board
Appointed Faction
Corma RIOT
Sethos Ordo Imperialis

Joining Substrate

The steps to joining Substrate as a faction/company in Starbase:

  1. Have a discord server representing your Starbase group of at least 30 members.
  2. Founder or top diplomat visits Substrate discord, applying for alliance membership using a diplomatic ticket.
  3. Follow the dynamically created channel. Wait and see if you get approved.
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