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Starbase vasama1.png
Name: Vasama
General use: Transport
General characteristics
Crew: 1 pilot
Thrust power: 10,000
Flight time: 88.9 minutes
Thrusters: 7 maneuver
Propellant containers: 1 small
Material Cost: 45,000
Prebuilt Cost: 200,000

Ship description

The Vasama is a very small spaceship that is powered only by batteries.

Vasamas are generally used to get around the massive Capital Mega Station as an alternative to walking.

Controls and Systems

The Vasama is balanced using plates, which makes alterations challenging. Removing or adding a single part can cause forward thrust to induce rotation.

The cockpit features a one-way lever for forward thrust, three two-way levers for controlling yaw, roll and pitch, a button that activates a "turtle mode" for the main thruster, and meters that display the current status of the main thruster, propellant tank, and both batteries.

The Vasama uses Yolol chips for direct control of its seven manoeuvring thrusters, allowing it to go forward, and turn on all three axes. Three of its four Yolol chips are used solely to control the rotation thrusters, and its fourth chip contains code that reduces the main thruster's maximum speed when the "turtle mode" button has been activated.

Before the public phase of the Closed Alpha, its complete code was shared on the official Discord.

Ship location

Capital Mega Stations sell and lease Vasama mopeds.

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