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Starbase romulus.png
Name: Romulus
General use: Hauler
General characteristics
Crew: 1 pilot
Thrust power: 450,000
Electricity output: 4,000
Flight time: 232 minutes
Thrusters: 8 box, 10 triangle, 20 maneuver
Generator units: 4
Fuel chambers: 2
Propellant containers: 6 small
Other equipment: Cargo beam setup

Ship description

The Romulus is a cargo ship made specifically for transportation and hauling of large objects, such as station parts or asteroids.
Unlike its brother ship, Remus, the Romulus is loaded from the top side of the ship, allowing for easier loading and unloading of cargo.
It is equipped with cargo beams for transporting large objects and it is also generally considered to be easier to pilot than the Remus.

Ship location

Some Mega Stations or trading stations sell and lease civilian spaceships.
A model version of Romulus can be found at the Mega Station ship showroom.

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