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Kingdom knight.jpg
Side view of a Kingdom Knight equipped with Rail cannons
Class and type: Combat ship, fighter
Name: Knight
General use: Combat missions
General characteristics
Crew: 1 pilot
Armament: 2 Autocannons / 2 Laser cannons / 2 Rail cannons
Thrust power: 60,000
Electricity output: 2,000
Flight time: 106.7 minutes
Thrusters: 2 Triangle, 12 maneuver
Generator units: 2
Fuel chambers: 1
Propellant containers: 2 small

Ship description

Knights are armed fighters, used by the Kingdom troops to support heavier gunships, such as the Lancer.
The Kingdom Knights can be equipped with different load-outs due to their modular building design, allowing for a variety of customization.

Ship location

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