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This page lists the infantry weapon collection of the known universe.
A list of mounted weapons can be found here.
Information about damage calculation can be found on page Damage.

Ranged weapons

Antigel rifle

Antigel rifle.png

The antigel rifle shoots high velocity metallic discs that are effective against infantry and infantry armors.
The weapon is less effective against plated armor. The metallic discs are propelled by electromagnetic rails.
The antigel rifle is powered by a battery with a very long life and reloaded with the physical discs that are then propelled.

Antigel magazine.png The anti-gel magazine holds 60 discs.


Inventory arclighter.png

Arclighter is a heavy, rapidly firing weapon that shoots electric energy that can bounce off of a target to another, if the targets are close enough to each other.
The Arclighter can also disable electronic devices and temporarily stun robots, making it an excellent support weapon.

Energy cell.png The energy cell holds 30 laser charges.

Assault rifle

Assault rifle.png
The assault rifle utilizes centuries-old powder-based delivery system, which is amplified by gauss magnetic rail enhancers along the barrel.
The assault rifle is sometimes regarded as the most reliable and affordable weapon in the known space.

Assault rifle small magazine.png The small magazine holds 30 bullets.

Assault rifle large magazine.png The large magazine holds 50 bullets.

Battle rifle

Battle rifle.png
The battle rifle is a standard issue automatic rifle with high caliber and two barrels.
Can punch through plating more effectively than assault rifle, but has a smaller magazine.

Battle rifle magazine small.png The smaller magazine holds 17 bullets.

Battle rifle magazine big.png The larger magazine holds 28 bullets.


The bolter is a rail technology gun.
The weapon shoots metallic, blunt, and heavy projectiles that produce high amount of force.
The bolter is designed to bypass most armor by impact force alone and to break robot chassis.
Powered by electromagnetic rails.
Bolter magazine.png The magazine holds seven bolts.

This is an article about the bolter gun and it should not be confused with bolt tool. For the article about the bolt tool, see bolt tool.


Flamethrower, equipped with a nozzle, is designed to project a long, easily controllable stream of fire.
The weapon utilizes classic technology, but it has also a jet propulsor engine that enables the flames to be projected to a larger area without the need of a long barrel.

Flamethrower canister.png The canister holds 300 units of fuel.

Gauss rifle

Gauss rifle.png
The Gauss rifle is a semi-automatic rifle that utilizes Gauss-enhanced technology, designed to increase traditional bullet speed to an extremely high speed.
The Gauss rifle has a high bullet speed but a fairly small caliber.
Accurate and precise, the Gauss rifle is the ideal hunter's marksman rifle, that can be used in short distances and close quarters as well, unlike a sniper rifle.
Gauss rifle magazine small.png The small magazine holds 12 bullets.
Gauss rifle magazine large.png The large magazine holds 24 bullets.

Grenade launcher

Inventory grenade launcher.png
The standard grenade launcher is most commonly used as a fire support weapon and it can be used with two hands or just one.
Reloading of the weapon is also possible with one hand.

Grenadelauncher magazine.png The grenade icon.

Laser rifle

Laser rifle.png
The laser rifle is a high-powered laser weapon, designed to cut through thin layers of metals and other substances quickly.
Laser rifles convert the energy of the cell battery to produce more energy than they regularly would before firing. The energy is then redirected through multiple lenses, and guided through the weapon muzzle.
The laser rifle is very accurate with minimal recoil.

Energy cell.png The energy cell holds 30 laser charges.

Long rifle

Long rifle.png
The long rifle is a large caliber sniper rifle.
Long rifles use the traditional gunpowder projectile technology with enhanced rail magazine slides.
Long rifles are not however rail weapons as the mag slides only enhance the initial propelled movement.

Long rifle magazines.png The long rifle magazine holds 10 bullets.


Inventory minigun.png
The minigun provides incredible firerate, making it one of the best tools for controlling the fight and suppressing enemies.


The standard issue light pistol has a very customizable ammunition loadouts.
The pistol uses traditional gunpowder technology.
Pistol magazine.png The magazine holds nine bullets.

Plasma rifle

Inventory plasmarifle.png

A charge-up plasma rifle that shoots a large ball of plasma, dealing heavy damage that can even be used against ships.
The plasma rifle projectile also leaves behind glowing plasma residue at the site of impact.
Plasma rifle magazine.png The plasma magazine holds 8 cells.

Reaper cannon

Inventory reaper cannon.png

The reaper cannon is a prototype weapon designed to cut squads easily without using explosive technology.
A high tension Plasma string is propelled from the cannon at semi-high speeds, capable of being manipulated into varying shapes through moving the cannon while firing.
This string cuts through personnel quite effectively but is not recommended to cut ship armor, only a constant straight string of plasma can manage damage onto a highly armored plating.
Firing the reaper cannon requires a build up period.

Rail Rifle

Inventory rail rifle.png

The rail rifle is an anti-material weapon and the most powerful handheld weapon in the galaxy.
The rail rifle can especially be used in sharpshooting through walls and breaking the bulwarks of a shield unit. The rail gun can pierce almost any known infantry armor.

Railrifle magazine.png The rail rifle magazine icon.

Repeater pistol

Repeater pistol.png
The repeater pistol is a very high ammo capacity pistol, making it ideal for prolonged firefights in tight spaces.
Repeater magazine.png The magazine holds 52 bullets.


High powered sidearm with either very accurate single fire, or very fast unload with less accuracy.
Revolver magazine.png The revolver can hold six bullets.

Rocket launcher

The compact rocket launcher can be used with rockets of different variety to suit most situations.
Designed for spacecraft battle, the rocket launcher is mostly used as an anti-infantry weapon.
The rocket launcher is not designed to be effective against tanks.


The reliable and durable semi-automatic shotgun can hold ten gauge shells in its pillar clips.
Shotguns are affordable and common weapons.
Shotguns are great for boarding missions and can tear holes through most common materials.
Shotgun magazine.png The magazine holds seven shells.


Inventory whiplash.png

The whiplash is a micro-missile launcher that shoots target-seeking, tiny missiles. The gun creates a small explosion on impact.
Whiplash magazine.png The whiplash magazine holds 60 mini rockets.