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Ymrium ore.pngYmrium refined.png
Ymrium ore's inventory icons, in ore and processed form
Classification Minor noble metals
Rarity Rare
Usage Thruster and generator components
Market priceN/A
Material properties
Structural durability 35
Armor rating 2.25 / kv
Minimum armor rating 0.15 / kv
Penetration multiplier 248%
Corrosion resistance 200
Plasticity 80
Density 7.52 kg/kv

Ymrium is a light and ductile metal with excellent heat resistance, and is commonly used in advanced components for thrusters and generators. Though ymrium has relatively high armor and structural durability, it is rarely used for either as it is relatively scarce, and is only naturally available on moons. Ymrium appears silvery-blue in hue when mined as an ore.

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