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Gauss rifle

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Gauss rifle image preview.jpg
Gauss rifle
Weapon classDesignated marksman rifle


Muzzle velocity700 m/s
Rate of fire240 RPM

Magazine capacity
  • 12 (standard)
  • 24 (large)
Reload time2.83 seconds
Projectile mass4.32 voxels

Bullet spread1.2°

The gauss rifle is a semi-automatic rifle that utilizes gauss technology, designed to increase bullet velocity. This allows the weapon to have a high bullet speed while utilizing a fairly small caliber. Accurate and precise, the gauss rifle is an ideal marksman rifle that can be used both at long range and close quarter combat, as opposed to a traditional sniper rifle.


Gauss rifle magazine small.png The small magazine holds 12 bullets.

Gauss rifle magazine large.png The large magazine holds 24 bullets.

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