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Assault rifle

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Assault rifle image.png
Assault rifle
Weapon classAssault rifle


Muzzle velocity500 m/s
Rate of fire600 RPM

Magazine capacity
  • 30 (standard)
  • 60 (large)
Reload time2.26 seconds
Projectile mass4.32 voxels

Bullet spread

Bastium 1565.00
Charodium 3128.00

Valkite 312.00
Vokarium 1251.00

The assault rifle utilizes a centuries-old powder propellant technology, which is amplified by magnetic rail enhancers along the barrel. The assault rifle is sometimes regarded as the most reliable and affordable weapon in known space.


[Image:Material-icons Charodium.png] Valkite: 312 kv Vokarium: 1251 kv Charodium:3128 kv Bastium: 1565 kv


Assault rifle small magazine.png The small magazine holds 30 bullets.

Assault rifle large magazine.png The large magazine holds 50 bullets.

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