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Torpedo launcher

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Torpedo launcher.png
Torpedo launcher
Type Ship weaponry
Function Launches torpedoes

Size 276×90×90 cm
Mass 11,481.5 kg
Volume 1,307.69 kv
Corrosion resistance 345

Weapon Characteristics

Muzzle velocity ~110 m/s
Projectile voxel mass 499 kv

Magazine capacity 1

The torpedo launcher is a multi-component device used to store, prime, and launch torpedoes.


The torpedo launcher is a modular device, and can be adapted to fit any size torpedo by placing multiple middle sections.

Torpedo launcher end.png
Launcher (end)

Size 132×90×90 cm
Mass 5,115.1 kg
Volume 582.59 kv
Corrosion resistance 345
Primary material Ymrium

Ymrium 35%
Torpedo launcher middle.png
Launcher (middle)

Size 144×90×90 cm
Mass 5,034.6 kg
Volume 573.42 kv
Corrosion resistance 345
Primary material Ymrium
Torpedo launcher front.png
Launcher (front)

Size 48×90×90 cm
Mass 1,331.8 kg
Volume 151.68 kv
Corrosion resistance 345
Primary material Ymrium

Ymrium 35%

Basic Usage

The entire tube must first be mounted to gain access to the device fields, and only the end part provides access to the device fields required to operate the torpedo tube.

  1. A torpedo must be snapped inside the torpedo launcher
  2. The torpedo tube should have its 'LauncherLock' device field toggled to '1' in order to lock the torpedo in place
  3. The 'launchTorpedo' field should be toggled to '1' to fire the torpedo

Device Fields

These device fields are located only on the end component of the launcher tube.

YOLOL field description default range
tube Identifier of tube X
LauncherLock Should the launcher's torpedo be locked in place? 0 - 1
selectedTube Which torpedo tube is currently selected and thus is ready to fire X
tubeStatus Status of the tube's magazine "Empty" / "Locked"
launchTorpedo Launch the currently selected torpedo 0 - 1

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