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Laser designator (Assembly)

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Laser designator (assembly, blown-up).png
The components of an assembled laser designator
Laser designator (Assembly)
Type Weapon device
Function Guides torpedoes

Size 132×84×36 cm
Mass 2,538 kg
Volume 255 kv
Corrosion resistance 370

Input / Output
Electric input Passive

Laser designator.png
Utility tool body 2.png
Utility capacitors.png

The Laser Designator is a device used primarily in combination with torpedos to guide them towards a target.

Basic information

  • Laser Designators need to hit a target in order for the torpedo laser sensor to update their fields.
  • The Laser Designator fits into the utility tool body 2 only.
  • Currently the Laser Designator functions without a power supply.
  • Connecting the Laser Designator to a power source will randomly reset its active field to 0.
  • A torpedo linked to a Laser Designator can use the acquired field information to guide itself towards the tip of the laser using YOLOL.

Device fields

YOLOL field description range
Active Turns the laser designator on/off 0 - 1
LaserLength The maximum length of the beam. Measured in meters. 0 - 1000
IdentifierId What torpedo laser sensors connect to when IdentifierId is the same. Both strings and numbers can be used.
TargetFound 1 if the designator is hitting a surface, otherwise 0. 0 - 1

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

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