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Torpedo expanded updated.png
Torpedoes are multi-component armaments
Type Ship weapons
Function Guided explosive projectile

Size 252×60×48 cm
Mass 4,967 kg (minimum)
Volume 499 kv (minimum)

Primary material Ymrium

Torpedo main thruster.png
Torpedo maneuver thruster.png
Torpedo YOLOL slots.png
Torpedo fuel tank.png
Torpedo HE warhead.png
Torpedo fuze.png
Torpedo laser sensor.png

The torpedo is an optionally-guided ship weapon that can cause vast destruction. Like missiles, different modules can be assembled together to suit a user's particular use-case. Though they can be interacted with and launched directly from the universal tool, they are most frequently launched from torpedo launchers. Torpedoes fly at approximately 110 meters per second, and can be guided via laser designator or via YOLOL.

Device usage

Torpedoes need to be assembled from the requisite modules and then locked together using the slider switch on the hull of the fuel tank module. After locking, the torpedo can be moved as a single unit, and loaded into a torpedo launcher, which has device fields for launching the torpedo. Torpedoes can also be launched via direct interaction with the universal tool. Once launched, torpedoes can be 'guided' using YOLOL or with the use of a laser designator.


Torpedoes are modular projectiles comprising several components, many of which are optional depending on the specific use-case of the torpedo.

  • Laser sensor: Mounted on the nose of the torpedo, this sensor receives data from a laser designator
  • Fuze: This activates the warhead when field conditions are met, and can be used without YOLOL chip
  • Warhead: This explodes when the Detonate device field is set to 1
  • Fuel tank: Provides propellant for the thrusters
  • YOLOL module: Has space for two YOLOL chips
  • Maneuver thruster: Allows the torpedo to adjust its trajectory
  • Main thruster: Provides thrust for the torpedo

Device fields

Torpedo Main Thruster

YOLOL field description default range
CurrentThrust Current output of the thruster 0-10000
TargetThrust Requested output of the thruster 0-10000
IsActive Whether the Thruster should fire or not 0 = Deactivated; 1 = Activated.

Torpedo Fuel Tank

YOLOL field description default range
StoredTorpedoFuel Current amount of fuel Stored 0-180
MaxTorpedoFuel The maximum amount of fuel in this Fuel Tank 180

Torpedo Maneuver Thruster

YOLOL field description default range
xThrust How much X thrust should be applied. 0-10000
yThrust How much Y Thrust should be applied 0-10000
maneuverThrustMultiplier By how much the Thrustvaules for x and y will be multiplied 0-N

Torpedo High Explosive Warhead

YOLOL field description default range
Detonate Warhead will Explode when Set to 1 0-1

Torpedo Laser Sensor

YOLOL field description default range
Identifier Id for connectiong to a Laser Designator( Have to be the same) "default"
OffsetX Directional X Offset compared to the Lasers Designators hit surface in degree. -90 - 90
OffsetY Directional Y Offset compared to the Lasers Designators hit surface in degree. -90 - 90
MissileDist Distance of the torpedo to the hit surface of the laser Designator 0-1000
DesignatorDist Distance to the Laser Designator itself. 0-1000

Torpedo Fuse

YOLOL field description default range
Safety Will prevent Detonate to go to 1 when active(1) 0-1
TimerState If the timer is active(1) or not(0) (can reset the timer) 0-1
Timer how much time has passed since TimerState has been activated ins seconds. counting up 0-N
SafetyTime Time Safety will remain active. always when -1 -1 - N
DetonationTime Time Until Detonate will be Set to 1. never when -1 -1 - N
ToggleTimerOnLaunch Wether or not the Timer will be Activated(1) upon Launch from a Torpedolauncher. 0-1

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