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Solar panel

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Solar panel.png
Solar panel
Type Power device
Function Produces solar power

Size 144×144×12 cm
Mass 3.321.6 kg
Volume 221.44 kv
Corrosion resistance 510
Primary material Charodium
Input / Output

Electric output 50 e/s


Solar panels are devices used to convert light from the sun into usable electrical power. Though they produce relatively little power per panel, their benefit of maintenance-less operation makes them an appealing option for factories or for ships and constructs that cannot rely on fuel rods.


Solar panels must be wired into the same network as a solar power converter in order to produce usable electricity. To maximize efficiency, solar panel arrays should incorporate a solar panel light sensor, the output of which is used by a turntable and a solar panel support in order to keep the solar panel oriented towards the sun.

Adjacent solar panels and solar panel light sensors are automatically added to the same device network, and do not require individual hardpoints to provide power.

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