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Solar panel (assembly)

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Solar panel (assembly).png
An assembled solar panel array, with optional turntable
Solar panel (assembly)
Type Power device
Function Converts solar power to network power

Solar panel.png
Solar panel light sensor.png
Solar power converter.png
Solar panel support.png

Solar panels are complex devices used to generate electricity via the conversion of solar power. They can be assembled in a variety of ways to suit the requirements of the operator, and made to automatically track the sun to maximize their generation potential. Adjacent solar panels and solar panel light sensors are automatically added to the same device network, and do not require individual hardpoints to provide power.

Device fields

Solar panel light sensor

YOLOL field Description Range
LightDetected Whether the sensor is currently facing a viable source of light 0 - 1
LightOffsetVertical Vertical offset of the panel to the source of light, in degrees -90 - 90
LightOffsetHorizontal Horizontal offset of the panel to the source of light, in degrees -90 - 90

Solar power converter

YOLOL field Description Range
ConverterPriority Usage priority for the device 0 - 1
ConverterOutput Power generated after performing the conversion process
ArrayAreaTotal Total surface area of attached solar panels Number expressed in square meters

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