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Fuel rod

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Starbase devices generator fuelrod.png
Fuel rod
Type Power device
Function Fuels generators

Fuel rods provide generators with the exorium fuel that they require to produce power. They have a convenient meter on their face which indicates both the quantity of stored fuel as well as the active drain, if any. They must be snapped into place in a fuel chamber in order to function. Empty fuel rods can be refilled by placing them into inventory and crafting Generator Fuel Rod (Refill).

Tier one (T1) fuel chambers require Nhurgite Fuel Rods, while tier two (T2) and tier three (T3) fuel chambers require Exorium Fuel Rods.


Fuel rod, exorium.png
Exorium fuel rod

Size 192×84×84 cm
Mass 2,648.6 kg
Volume 273.9 kv
Corrosion resistance 625

Input / Output

Electric output 15,000,000 (All T2)
18,750,000 (All T3)

Fuel capacity 300,000


Fuel rod, nhurgite.png
Nhurgite fuel rod

Size 192×84×84 cm
Mass 2,355.5 kg
Volume 273.9 kv
Corrosion resistance 475

Input / Output

Electric output 10,000,000

Fuel capacity 300,000


Device fields

YOLOL field Description Range
StoredRawFuel The amount of fuel currently in this rod 0 - 300000
MaxRawFuel The maximum amount of fuel that can be stored in a fuel rod 300000

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

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