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Player factions

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Here is a list of player factions in Starbase. Please add your faction to the list and include a link to either your Starbase Wiki page or Discord server.
For instructions on how to make your own faction page, check How to Create a Faction Page.

Please add your faction to only one category using a silver font color or use double square brackets if your faction has a page on the wiki and ensure your faction is in the proper position to uphold alphabetical organization.

Player alliances should be added to a separate page.

Community Tools Servers are

- Community effort not barring anyone outside. Faction ties don't matter.

- Doesn't plan to run an in-game faction.

- Provides something useful to the community at large. No joke groups!

You can find more detailed information about these factions in various community spreadsheets:





Community Tools Servers

Multipurpose Factions

Trading Factions

Design and Building Companies

Cargo/Transportation Companies

YOLOL/Programming Communities

Tech/Engineering Companies

Scrapping/Scavenging Companies

Mining Factions

Exploration Groups

Other Specialized Factions

Pirate Factions

Mercenary Groups

Military Factions

Empire Allied Factions

Kingdom Allied Factions

Check factions on the King´s Banner alliance on the Kingdom page

Neutral Factions

French Communities

German Communities

Russian Communities

Other Foreign Language Communitites

Gaming Communities

Other Factions And Communities

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