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Starbase generator enhancers.png
Tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 enhancers
Type Utility device
Function Overclocks device performance

Enhancers are devices that can attach to a generator and provide boosts to the generation of power. Currently, only generator units are affected by enhancers.


Enhancer tier 1.png
Tier 1 enhancer

Size 96×96×48 cm
Mass 781.7 kg
Volume 80.84 kv
Corrosion resistance 615
Primary material Aegisium
Input / Output

Modular interfaces 1


Enhancer tier 2.png
Tier 2 enhancer

Size 96×96×48 cm
Mass 1,135.7 kg
Volume 129.35 kv
Corrosion resistance 380
Primary material Ymrium
Input / Output

Modular interfaces 1


Lukium 20%

Ymrium 15%
Enhancer tier 3.png
Tier 3 enhancer

Size 96×96×48 cm
Mass 1,709.8 kg
Volume 194.74 kv
Corrosion resistance 445
Primary material Ymrium
Input / Output

Modular interfaces 1


Lukium 10%

Ymrium 15%

Basic Information

Enhancers are used to quickly boost the rate of production of electricity in a generator unit by increasing the efficiency with which they utilize fuel, and can be easily turned on and off with YOLOL. However, while a generator unit with an attached and activated enhancer unit will produce significantly more electricity, it will also suffer an exponential increase in heat output. While an enhancer can be used to maximize power output (for as long as the cooling performance can keep up), it can also be used to boost efficiency at lower generation states, allowing the production of power at a comparatively lower fuel cost -- though, this will still generate extra heat. Enhancers affect the generation of heat by adding to the quantity of heat tokens held by the device to which they are attached.

It should be noted that, though enhancers increase the heat potential of a generator system, enhancers themselves are unaffected by heat.

Enhancer Effects
Enhancer Tier Heat Tokens Electricity Production Tokens
Tier 1 +3 +1
Tier 2 +4 +2
Tier 3 +5 +3

The number of electricity production tokens a generator unit has directly affects the boost applied to its output, as shown below:

Electricity Production Tokens
Electricity Production Tokens Electrical Output
1 +500
2 +750
3 +1,000

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