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Mounted weapons

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Turrets all.png

Mounted weapons are attached to spaceships or space stations via a device base.
These device bases can be used for utility machinery as well, in addition to weaponry.
Common mounted destructive weapons within the universe include various projectile and energy throwers, and missile and torpedo launchers.

This article is about spaceship and space station weapons, for article about infantry weapons, see Weapons collection page.

Weapon types




  • Rate of fire: Fast
  • Spread: Wide
  • Flight speed: Fast
  • Ammunition type: Bullets

Laser cannon

Laser weapon.png

Laser cannons are mounted energy weapons that are generally used in warfare to take out fast and agile spaceships.


  • Rate of fire: Very fast
  • Spread: Minimal
  • Projectile speed: Fast
  • Ammunition type: Energy cell. Feeds from reactor or external power source.

Plasma thrower

Plasma thrower.png

Plasma throwers are mounted energy weapons.


  • Rate of fire: Slow
  • Spread: low
  • Flight speed: Slow
  • Ammunition type: Energy
  • Damage type: Fracture

Rail cannon

Rail weapon.png


  • Rate of fire: Single shot, slow
  • Spread: None
  • Projectile speed: Fast
  • Note! Requires a charge-up!