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Tools & weapons crafting bench

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Rifle bench (loaded).png
A tools & weapons bench with a full complement of tools
Tools & weapons crafting bench
Type Crafting device
Function Permits access to crafting recipes related to tools and weapons

Size 288×144×156 cm
Mass 22,193.5 kg
Volume 2,230.50 kv
Corrosion resistance 315
Primary material Bastium
Input / Output

Sockets 8


The Tools & Weapons Crafting Bench is a table which enables players to craft their own tools and weapons, accessible with the 'H' key. The player must be in close range of a crafting bench and have all necessary materials in their personal or station inventory in order to start crafting. Once an item is queued, the player can leave the table and continue crafting, but if the player leaves the area and can no longer access their station inventory, the craft will fail and they will receive an error.


Tools & weapon crafting bench, large clamp upgrade.png
Large clamp upgrade

Size 144×48×48 cm
Mass 788.2 kg
Volume 79.22 kv
Corrosion resistance 310
Primary material Bastium
Tools & weapon crafting bench, small clamp upgrade.png
Small clamp upgrade

Size 60×36×36 cm
Mass 209.7 kg
Volume 21.08 kv
Corrosion resistance 490
Primary material Bastium
Tools & weapon crafting bench, rifle clamp upgrade.png
Rifle clamp upgrade

Size 108×60×48 cm
Mass 379.6 kg
Volume 38.15 kv
Corrosion resistance 345
Primary material Bastium

Ymrium 20%
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