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Solar panel light sensor

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Solar panel light sensor.png
Solar panel light sensor
Type Power device
Function Detects star light

Size 144×144×12
Mass 3.321.6 kg
Volume 221.44 kv
Corrosion resistance 510
Primary material Charodium
Input / Output

Electric output 25


Solar panel light sensors are devices used to orientate solar panels to follow the position of the sun in order to maximize power generation. Though the light sensor incorporates a section of photovoltaic cells, the maximum power output of the solar panel light sensor is significantly less than regular solar panels.

Adjacent solar panels and solar panel light sensors are automatically added to the same device network, and do not require individual hardpoints to provide power.

Device fields

YOLOL field Description Range
LightDetected Whether the sensor is currently facing a viable source of light 0 - 1
LightOffsetVertical Vertical offset of the panel to the source of light, in degrees -90 - 90
LightOffsetHorizontal Horizontal offset of the panel to the source of light, in degrees -90 - 90

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