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Laser cannon

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Laser weapon.png
Laser cannon parts
Class and type: Mounted weapon, energy
Name: Laser cannon
General use: Obliterating fast spaceships
General characteristics
Caliber: Laser cell
Muzzle velocity: 1,000
Rounds per minute: 1,200


Laser weapon.png

Laser cannons are mounted energy weapons that are generally used in warfare to take out fast and agile spaceships.


  • Rate of fire: Very fast
  • Spread: Minimal
  • Projectile speed: Fast
  • Ammunition type: Energy cell. Feeds from reactor or external power source.

Ship usage

Laser weapons can be found on following ships either by default, or as a variant:

Device fields

Ammo box

YOLOL field description range
StoredLaserAmmo How much inactive ammo is left 0 - 10 000
MaxLaserAmmo Maximum amount of inactive ammo that can be stored 0 - 10 000


YOLOL field description range
MountedWeaponFire "Trigger pull", Often renamed to shoot or fire 0 - 1
StoredActiveLaserAmmo Amount of ammo ready to fire in the weapon's barrel 0 - 80
MaxActiveLaserAmmo Maximum amount of ammo that fits in the barrel 0 - 80


YOLOL field description range
StoredHeat How much heat is currently in the system 0 - 1000
MaxHeat Maximum amount of heat that the system can withstand 0 - 1000