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3D Printer

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This page contains information that pertains only to the closed alpha version of the game, which was discontinued on July 26th, 2021. It has been kept up for posterity only, but you may still edit it.
3D Printer Small.png
The small 3D printer
3D Printer
Type Station device
Function Constructs station parts
Availability X Constructs

Used with station or ship blueprint chips to automate the building of a blueprint.


3D Printer Small.png
Small printer

Size 216×108×216 cm
Mass 32,128.85 kg
Volume 3,229.03 kv
Corrosion resistance 439
Primary material Bastium
Input / Output
Electric input 10,000 e/s

Sockets 4

Modular interfaces 8x 24cm

3D printer large.png
Large printer

Size 864×432×324 cm
Mass 721,414.06 kg
Volume 103,206.59 kv
Corrosion resistance 474
Primary material Arkanium
Input / Output
Electric input 10,000 e/s

Sockets 12

Modular interfaces 15x 24cm


Ajatite 15.68%
Arkanium 24.64%
Bastium 0.31%
Charodium 16.8%
Corazium 8.96%

Kutonium 22.4%

Vokarium 11.2%

Small 3D Printer

The small 3D printer is a smaller, but slower version of the large printer. It has an integrated utility box and can accept it's own fuel rod, or use power provided from other sources

3D Printer

The large 3D printer requires a Utility box to connect to a station's power grid and to access the station inventory for material and to output complete parts.

How to use

Small 3D Printer

  1. Insert fuel rod into the printer
  2. Insert the blueprint chip
    • You can buy these from the Marketplace.
  3. Turn on the printer
    • Change UtilityConnection field to 1, this is required to allow printer to put finished items into station storage.
    • Change PrinterControl field to 1 and make sure PrinterOrderAmount is above 0 (should be 1 by default).
    • Printer requires access to the building materials for each piece (through station storage or connected ore crates)

3D Printer

  1. Prepare the printer
    • Requires a lot of power, it's recommended to use a Utility box and to purchase electricity to the station storage.
    • Radiators must be used to cool the printer, one printer needs approximately 17 radiators.
    • Printer needs to be connected to a storage. Use pipe connection with a Utility box.
  1. Insert a blueprint chip
  1. Turn on the printer
    • Change PrinterControl field to 1.
    • Printer requires access to the building materials for each piece (through station storage or connected ore crates)

Device fields

YOLOL Field Description Range
PrintingRateLimit [0, inf]
PrintingRate [0, inf]
WorkingRateLimit [0, inf]
WorkingRate Shows the time for the CurrentItemWorkRemaining at the current moment, affected by the radiator efficiency. [0, inf]
CurrentItemWorkRemaining Shows amount of work remaining for selected item, calculated every time CurrentItem changes and printer is on (-1 if printer is not on). -1[0, inf]
UtilityConnection Connects the printer's internal inventory to the station's/ship's inventory for material access and item output. 0/1
PrinterControl Used to control the printer. 0: off, 1: on, -1: manual cancel of ongoing operation. -1/0/1
PrinterStatus Current state of the printer. 0: idle, 1: waiting for materials, 2: printing, 3: waiting for output. 0/1/2/3
PrinterOrderAmount Used to select the number of times full blueprint is printed. Decrements by 1 every time the final item on the blueprint is completed unless already at or below 0,

printer repeats from the first piece of not 0. -1 repeats printing indefinitely.

-1[0, inf]
CurrentItem Index of selected item within blueprint chip. [0, inf]
BlueprintItemCount Amount of items in currently inserted blueprint chip. Updated when blueprint chip is inserted or removed (0 if no chip). [0, inf]

To learn more about the usage of fields, consult these wiki pages:


Small Printer Large Printer
Weight (Kg) 32 128 1 027 070
Material Required (Kv)
Ajatite 1 173 38 343
Bastium 921 767
Charodium 1 256 41 082
Merkerium 1 675 54 776
Tengium 1 843 60 254
Ukonium 670 21 910
Vokarium 838 27 388

To learn more about materials, consult these wiki pages:

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