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Kingdom knight.jpg
Side view of the Kingdom Knight
Class and type: Combat ship, fighter
Name: Knight
General use: Combat missions
General characteristics
Crew: 1 pilot
Armament: 2 Autocannon / 2 Laser cannon
Thrust power: 60,000
Electricity output: 2,000
Flight time: 106.7 minutes
Thrusters: 2 Triangle, 12 maneuver
Generator units: 2
Fuel chambers: 1
Propellant containers: 2 small

Ship description

Kingdom knight.jpg
Knights are armed spaceships, used as agile fighters by the Kingdom troops to support heavier gunships, such as the Lancer.
The Kingdom Knights can be equipped with multiple different loadouts due to their modular building design, which allows the customization of the ships.

Ship location