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Flight control unit

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Starbase FCU types.png

Basic, advanced, and premium flight control unit.

  • FCU (Flight control unit) receives input from control devices, used for controlling the ship's thrusters during free flight.
  • FCU is connected to an MFC (Main Flight Computer), which combines information of several FCUs and sends the necessary data to each thruster connected to it.
  • This allows the use of several FCUs in a single ship.

Basic information

  • Flight control unit has to be placed in an upright orientation, with the arrow design pointing forward, in order for it to function properly.
  • FCU's input instruments, suchs as buttons and/or levers need to be in the same network as the FCU.
  • Instruments are mapped to FCU's different controls (limited by the FCU's property FCUModel) by matching device fields.
  • One or more Flight control units are also connected to a Main flight computer.
  • Each thruster group is controlled by exactly one Main flight computer. There can be several MFCs in one ship.

A tier one FCU allows forward/backwards and turns only, it keeps the ship balanced
A tier two FCU allows the use of strafing from side to side. While manoeuvring it tries to keep the ship balanced (so if you make a turn it turns were you go compensating for other directions as well)
A tier three FCU acts like a tier two but can also ignore balancing calculations, which allows a well-balanced ship to perform much tighter turns by enacting only those thruster that are required to perform that manoeuvre

Device fields

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

YOLOL field description range
FcuMfcIO For connecting the Main flight computer
FcuGeneralMultiplier A "soft power switch", scales all output
FcuForward Moves the ship straight forward or combines FcuFwdBwd rotations with the forward movement
FcuBackward Moves the ship straight backward or combines FcuFwdBwd rotations with the backward movement
FcuRotationalPitch In-place pitch rotation
FcuRotationalYaw In-place yaw rotation
FcuRotationalRoll In-place roll rotation
FcuUpDown Moves the ship straight up or down
FcuRightLeft Moves the ship straight right or left
FcuFwdBwdPitch Rotation combined to forward/backward movement
FcuFwdBwdYaw Rotation combined to forward/backward movement
FcuFwdBwdRoll Rotation combined to forward/backward movement