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Bolter image.png
Class and type: Heavy weapon
Name: Bolter
General use: Anti-materiel
General characteristics
Caliber: 20mm Cartridge 20x100
Caliber mass: 9 Voxels
Velocity: 800
Magazine size: 7
Reload time 2.66 seconds
Rounds per minute: 45
Shot interval: 1.3333


The bolter is a rail technology gun.
The weapon shoots metallic, blunt, and heavy projectiles that produce high amount of force.
The bolter is designed to bypass most armor by impact force alone and to break robot chassis.
Powered by electromagnetic rails.
Bolter magazine.png The magazine holds seven bolts.

This is an article about the bolter gun and it should not be confused with bolt tool. For the article about the bolt tool, see bolt tool.

How to buy

Some trading stations and Mega Stations have weapon stores and other useful services.