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Socket board

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Starbase generator socketboard.png
Socket board
Type Power device
Function Allows generators to export power to the network

Size 96×96×48 cm
Mass 750.93 kg
Volume 75.47 kv
Corrosion resistance 390
Primary material Bastium
Input / Output
Electric input 100,000
Electric output 100,000

Sockets 4

Modular interfaces 1


The socket board provides an access panel to connect generators to the electricity and data network (cables).

Note that one socket board per 100 tier 1/2 generator units (or 80 tier 3 generator units) is required, if cables are connected via a cube heat sink a socket board is still required to export power.

Basic Usage

  • Transforms Local Power into Power.
  • Connects cables.
  • Distributes Power to a data network.
  • Can distribute a maximum of 100,000 Electricity per second.
  • Doesn't get any benefits from enhancers.

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