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Robotic arms

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Robot arms.png
Robotic arms
Type Utility machinery
Function Automation

  • 156×156×432 cm (small)
  • 156×156×720 cm (med)
  • 9,236.2 kg (small)
  • 14.382.2 kg (med)
  • 928.26 kv (small)
  • 1445.45 kv (med)
Corrosion resistance 300
Primary material 400
Input / Output
Electric input Approx. 5-10 e/s

Modular interfaces 1
Device interfaces 1

Bastium 100%

Robot arms are a series of mechanical joints that enable a wide variety of automated tasks, such as ship-building factories and assembly lines. Each segment can be controlled individually through a player's universal tool, or by a device such as a lever, but these movements can also be computed automatically. Robot arms have a special tool-head at their end, which allows a user to equip tools to perform specific tasks. They can also accept a standard hardpoint onto the tool-head, which enables the use of such devices as a rangefinder or any of a variety of weapons.

Basic information

  • Robot arms consist of two types of joints, revolute and prismatic, which can be stacked together to form articulated arms of varying complexity.
    • The basic arm configuration has one or two telescoping segments, and an end segment with a revolute joint. More arms or tool holders can be attached to this revolute joint.
  • The base of any arm combination has to be attached to a special turret base joint.
    • There are four different sizes of the basic arm.

Device fields

YOLOL field description range
TargetArmLength Telescoping arm target length [0,100]: percent of maximum extension
CurrentArmLength Current arm length updated during arm movement [0,100]: percent of maximum extension
EndPosition Extension at maximum arm length
StartPosition Extension at minimim arm length
TargetVelocity Target velocity of telescoping movement
YOLOL field description range
TargetArmAngle Rotating joint target angle [-180,180]: degrees
CurrentArmAngle Rotating joint current angle updated during arm rotation [-180,180]: degrees
MaxRotation Maximum rotation
MinRotation Minimum rotation
TargetVelocity Target velocity of rotation

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:


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