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Navigation Data Logger

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Navigation data logger chip saving.JPG
Navigation Data Logger
Type Navigation device
Function Saves location data to Navigation Chips

Size 1152×1152×456 cm
Mass 389,036 kg
Volume 29,975 kv
Corrosion resistance 456-536
Primary material Ymrium
Input / Output
Electric input Passive

Device interfaces 1

Lukium 31%

Ymrium 15%

Lukium 31%

Ymrium 15%

Lukium 31%

Ymrium 15%

Lukium 30%

Ymrium 15%

Lukium 20%

Ymrium 16%

Lukium 11%

Ymrium 21%

Lukium 31%

Ymrium 15%

When Capital ship is ready for fast travel it can fast travel to destinations saved into Navigation Chips with Navigation Data Logger. Saved Navigation Chip are shown in Fast Travel Terminal as available fast travel destinations when having the chip in inventory. Navigation Data Logger is unlocked in "Advanced Crafting Tree".


Travel to the location in the universe you wish to save, insert empty Navigation Chips into the chip slots, and select the amount of chips you want to save the location to.

  1. Navigation Data Logger needs to be fully assembled and connected to an electricity source in order to function
  2. Insert empty Navigation Chip(s) into the provided slots in order to save the current location into the Navigation Chips
  3. Select the amount of chips you wish to save the location to, and give a name to the Navigation Chips
  4. Saving a location to a Navigation Chip requires 6000 electricity per second for 10 minutes

Navigation chip.png
Navigation Chip
Type Chip device
Function Stores data

Size 46×31×6 cm
Mass 70.95 kg
Volume 6.37 kv
Corrosion resistance 475
Primary material Bastium

Ajatite 39.99%

Bastium 20.02%

Lukium 15%

Vokarium 24.99%

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