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Material point scanner

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Material point scanner.png
Material point scanner
Type Utility device
Function Determines object composition

Size 108×48×48 cm
Mass 1,569.6 kg
Volume 223.2 kv
Corrosion resistance 605
Primary material Kutonium
Input / Output
Electric input ~300 e/s


The material point scanner is a device that can output the composition of an object placed before it.

Device fields

YOLOL field description range
Active The scanner turns off when this is set to 0 and on when set to anything else 0 - 1
Index The current material to provide information for. Starting at 0 0 -
ScanResults The number of diferent materials the object contains 0 -
Material The material of the current 'Index' i.e. "Ukonium" String
Volume The Volume of the current 'Index' i.e. 272 0 -
Scan Must be set to 1 to initiate a scan, auto-resets to 0 once scan is complete 0 - 1
Reset Resets the stored scan result 0 - 1

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

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