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Material point scanner (Assembly)

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Material point scanner (assembly).png
An assembled material point scanner
Material point scanner
Type Mining device
Function Identifies materials

Size 204×96×72 cm
Mass 11,147 kg
Volume 1,130.12 kv
Corrosion resistance 308

Input / Output
Electric input ~300 e/s

Material point scanner.png
Utility tool body 1.png
Utility capacitors.png

The material point scanner provides information about the materials an object contains.

Basic information

The material scanner casts a ray 100 meters long. If an object is detected within this range, it will update the 'ScanResults', 'Material', and 'Volume' devicefields If an object contains more than one material, the user can change the 'Index' device field to page through the returned results. These fields will not update until a new object is scanned.

The fields can only be read from a Text Panel if it is written manually by Yolol. Example code execution to manually read and write the results would be:

Material=:SMaterial :Volume=:SVolume goto1

where :Material and :Volume are the names of text panels, and where :SVolume and :SMaterial are the renamed "Volume" and "Material" fields on the Point Scanner. Index must be set to "1" and ScanResults set to 2.

Device fields

Material point scanner

YOLOL field description range
Active The scanner turns off when this is set to 0 and on when set to anything else 0 - 1
Index The current material to provide information for. Starting at 0 0 -
ScanResults The number of diferent materials the object contains 0 -
Material The material of the current 'Index' i.e. "Ukonium" String
Volume The Volume of the current 'Index' i.e. 272 0 -
Scan Must be set to 1 to initiate a scan, auto-resets to 0 once scan is complete 0 - 1
Reset Resets the stored scan result 0 - 1

Utility tool capacitor

YOLOL field description range
StoredLocalPower How much power is stored in the capacitor 0 - 4000
MaxLocalPower Maximum amount of power that can be stored 4000

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

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