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Large generator corner structure 1

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Large Generator, Corner Structure 1.png
Large generator corner structure 1

Size 192×288×288 cm
Mass 26,485.05 kg
Volume 3,016.52 kv
Corrosion resistance 368
Primary material Ymrium

Lukium 17%

Ymrium 40%

Corner structure for large generator. 4 each of corner 1 and 2 (8 corner structures in total), together with 2 end covers, 2 side structures and 4 corner structures, form the outer shell of a large generator unit.

Resource details: Heat: Storage 1500 units, dissipation 5 units per second, radiator cooling 75 units per second

Device fields

YOLOL field Description Range
GeneratorUnitStoredHeat Current value for stored heat 0 - 1,500
GeneratorUnitMaxStoredHeat Maximum value for stored heat 0 - 1,500

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